Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skin Vivo Night by Biotherm

You can find more about the details here: CLICK!

On that link it have explain my first experience with Skin Vivo (almost the whole package in the range) including this night cream.

The rich white cream is not think nor fluid, it was something in the middle. I really like how it really defines the word rich. The scent is mild and a bit musky which is pleasant and doesn't bothers me as a night cream (overwhelming scent on night cream is a nightmare). But the best part doesn't lies on the scent, is on the cream. Usually other cream provide moisture, full stop. Skin Vivo Night provide rejuvenation and vitality overnight, waking up with a less lines and better skin condition are possible.

This is the first time I'm liking a night cream for being rich yet not clogging my skin, absorbed well and working out as an anti aging cream.

This is me after more than a week using Skin Vivo Night, the whole look become younger, less complexion, rejuvenate, supple and plump.

Take note that I'm using the serum, milky lotion, and eye cream from Skin Vivo range too. During picture taking I do use light makeup, but I can't hide the fact that my skin looks a lot better since using Skin Vivo.

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  1. waw you look so beautifull love your make up