Friday, October 7, 2011

Mylea Hair Shampoo Ginseng

Hi all! I'm back with a budget review ^___^ back in my college days I used Mylea from Shampoo, Tonic, Creambath and so on. A few weeks ago I bumped into them again and try the shampoo, the ginseng shampoo.

The thick brown-ish gel easy to lather up on my hair and the scent is okay, a bit of ginseng and flowery. But it dries my hair  -___-. I like what it does to my oily scalp but my hairs are suffering from the dryness. It feels like striping off the moisture. So, I use it as a shampoo for my scalp only and the rest pf my hair using other shampoo that provide more moisture. Sorry, not recommended.

Ouch, it seems like today I keep making bad reviews that I don't like, don't get me wrong, I love budget stuff that really work, there are still some out there. I won't give up, more budget products review will come soon and hopefully it'll be good.

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