Friday, October 28, 2011

Shu Uemura DeepSea Hydrability Moisturizing Cream

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depsea hydrability

"miracle" active
For centuries, Japanese women have enjoyed the pleasure of bathing in mineral-rich hot spring waters believed to have the power to heal illness and beautify the skin with naturally infused miracle ingredients. inspired by this treasured custom, shu uemura scientists returned to the deep sea, emerging with powerful moisturizing actives, Vitasea FermentTM, sourced originally from volcanic hot springs 2,000m below the sea surface to offer the ultimate purity.
depsea hydrability
shu uemura's 1st moisturizing program with 3-actions approach designed to go beyond intense moisture delivery by improving skin's self-moisturizing ability with the power of the deep sea and ultimately locking-in moisture. skin is moisturized for 24 hours, feeling significantly soft, smooth and plumped with enhanced skin translucency.

As always Shu Uemura always pays attention on details, he won't go without research and field test. I'm really fond of his art works in beauty. Below you can see real result in real women:

And the reason behind the results are these ingredients:

1. Improve skin's hydration ability by boosting*1 NMF
Depsea waterTM
Vitasea FermentTM

2. intense moisture delivery by breakthrough technology
Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres
3. lock-in moisture by strengthening*1 skin barrier function
Mineral Algae MgCa

Interested to know what they are? I suggest opening and find out more. Click ---> HERE!

The cream have a mild scents and I really love the deep blue calming color in the luxurious packaging. The cream feels light in texture but rich on the skin. Providing much more than moisture. Like I swim into the ocean and the whole ocean are extracted into essence and it was presently here inside the cream. Feel so precious.

This is me with the cream already spread on my face, as you can see the glow, my skin looks radiating, like I'm back in my 20's. Or maybe better.

I know, in this hot and humid weather we live on, moisturizing feels heavy sometime and most people run to find matte-fying cream/powder,  but still, our skin need to be hydrated to stay plump (aka younger). You can just use it as little as needed.

I use like 2 corn sized and spread the soft cream easily on my facial skin and neck. If you think the cream is heavy as a day cream you can simply us it as a night cream and be happy that it provide moisture for 24 hours. I can honestly say that this is another high quality product by Shu Uemura that will benefit those suffering from dry skin or any skin who needs moisture and rich minerals.  

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