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Skin Vivo by Biotherm (Product Review)

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I'm here with Skin Vivo by Biotherm, an anti aging range for global rejuvenation ( for most skin' age) which goes all the way until DNA + Genes.

I know there are so many anti aging going on here in the market, you just need to find the one that suits your need. You'll be surprised that sometime it takes more than one brand. On this review I'll deliberate which is replaceable and which one isn't.

Before this post I already made a review for the mask, which I think is a must try: HERE!

INNOVATION – 1st dual anti-aging action DNA + GENES

Rejuvenate your skin through your genes’ vital impulse.
10 years of youth gained for your skin in 4 weeks.

Biotherm creates SKIN VIVO, the 1st reversive anti-aging care - 8 patents - that “deactivates” aging and visibly rejuvenates the skin.

Proven in vivo by science. Tested by over 300 women.

Results: Resubstanced texture and wrinkles. Retautened skin. Youthful radiance.

Let's start with the eyes.

Especially formulated for the eye area, this fresh, creamy gel instantly illuminates the eye area and works to renew youthful radiance every day. Ophthalmologist tested. Fragrance-free.


- Unique and patented association of two natured-sourced active ingredients: Pure Thermal Plankton in record dose and Reverserol SV.
- Rice bio-peptides + pearlescent particles.


- Morning and/or evening, (size of 3 rice grains for both eyes), smoothing in and then drumming with fingertips.

What do I feel: A warm sensation on the eye zone (eye bags and lids), no need to be too close to the eyes, just surround them is enough. Always use your ring fingers, and keep tapping them gently instead of rubbing them in. The areas of our eyes are delicate and need to be treat differently. I feel an instant rejuvenation effect, the warm sensation last for a couple or minutes and after that they are comfortable. I prefer using them at night only or sometime during the day when I'm at home and use no makeup. My eye zone is sweaty, so when I use them with makeup, it's easily smudge everything there.

Conclusion: I like them ^___^ they give me instant effect for my fine lines.

The quintessential product in the SKIN VIVO line and 50% more concentrated in Pure Thermal Plankton than other brand products, this pearlescent serum instantly enhances skin quality for a visibly more youthful appearance.


- Unique and patented association of two natured-sourced active ingredients: Pure Thermal Plankton in record dose and Reverserol SV
- Oligo-sugars + salicylic acid to smoothes the skin


- morning and/or evening, with a dropper (press 1 time the dropper for exact quantity), using smoothing strokes on the face and neck avoiding eye contour.

For me the serum does have instant overall effect but for me the mask do more than the serum. Which means the serum actually perfect for daily use, either for maintenance or daily 'healing'. I'm not really a fan for the scent but I don't have a problem with the effect. Looking young y'all!

After the serum, milky lotion is advisable. I've tried looking for the info from unfortunately couldn't find it. So all of these will be based on the leaflet and my review.

Effectively limits aging by protecting your cell protein from damages caused by external factors. It also re-launches the activity of "cellular life genes", and stimulate the birth of new cells. Skin regains its youthful metabolism for visibly rejuvenated results.

With the light texture, drop by drop gives the skin hydration and smoothes its texture.

My review:
The milky lotion is a delight, it nourish my skin in deeper layer with hydration. Easily absorbed and complement the whole range. Most people would skin this part or plain clueless, but if you familiar with Japanese/Korean brand, you'll be sure to know these kind of lotion that used before moisturizer. While the moisturizer work on the surface, the lotion do their job beneath the surface. But you still need a moisturizer afterwards that helps the lotion inside.

And this is the moisturizer to be used at day. The gel creme is for combination skin while the cream for dry skin. I've tried the gel creme for combination skin. Which for me still feels rich. But I guess, living in Jakarta, the heat and moisture will always be there, but nowadays skin still need hydration.

Available in 2 textures: soft gel cream (normal combination skin) and rich cream (dry skin).

- Unique and patented association of two natured-sourced active ingredients: Pure Thermal Plankton in record dose and Reverserol SV
- Silicium + bio-peptides to boosts anti-aging action.

- use morning & night (1 teaspoon size) with smoothing strokes on the face and neck avoiding eye contour.

This product also a complement to the range, but it is still replaceable. Or I just simply in love with New Aquasource. For those who are looking for a complete anti aging range can use the day cream / day gel cream within Skin Vivo, but to those who need hydration and Pure Thermal Plankton only may use New Aquasource like I do.

During the day, skin is the target of multiple aggressions (pollution, UV, stress, etc.) that accelerate the aging process.
Night is the ideal time for skin regeneration. However, with age, this process slows down:
at the heart of the cells, the DNA transforms and the « cellular life genes », key in the fight against skin aging, start to work less efficiently. Skin loses its youthful vital impulse.

Thanks to the unique and patented association of Pure Thermal Plankton and Reversol SV that SKIN VIVO NIGHT – the 1st reversive anti-aging overnight care - acts on skin to:
protect DNA and stimulate the birth of new healthy cells.

I really like the night cream. It does almost everything I need and want in a night regime. I always think that investing on the night cream will do you good since when we rest our body will heal itself, our skin is our out most protector against anything bad out there, so they need extra help. Skin Vivo Night does it. Hydration, rejuvenating, radiance, youthful glow and waking up looking so good with a plump younger skin by the day.

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