Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream in 160th Anniversary Limited Edition Packaging.

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160th Anniversary Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream

In 2005, Kiehl’s provided explorers of the Greenland First Ascents expedition this 24 hour hydrator as they navigated the unclimbed and unnamed peaks of Greenland.

Wow! 24 hours and used by those climbing in the cold, dry, and windy, where it really takes it tolls on being the harshest conditions, I'm thinking, it must be really oily on the skin. I'm so wrong.

The texture, delicateness and no oily residue what-so-ever, I'm in Jakarta y'all! It's hot and humid here. But the Ultra Facial Cream treat my skin wonderfully where it's just pure pleasurable hydration. The 160th Anniversary packaging? Just bring it all up. Love it! Oh and even thou' they aren't scented, I don't mind. It suits as a night cream, day cream, anytime cream ^___^ I used it on my face and neck, best part? Suits everyone who loves their skin.


  1. Mmm.. seems so nice!(:

    I like the special packaging.

    Dreamy Princess

  2. Yes, agree ^___^ the anniversary packaging looks luxurious and add so many history in it.