Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall/Winter Look 2011 29 St.Honore Paris

Inspired by the fact that Rue de Faubourg Saint- Honore No. 29: The institute and headquarters of Lancôme, the cosmetics brand (established in 1935) the Fall/Winter 2011 of Lancome will commemorate their first location and mark in this world.

I can't believe I walk trough that exact street on Jan'2011 yet, missed to take a look around. I was walking from Fragonard to Champs-Elysees (pass before Madeline) and there it is, Lancome headquarter.

That's me on Fragonard.

I feel like I missed a great history just by the corner. The think is why Lancome is so phenomenal: there's not many 'brand' that able to have so many wonderful products as their strong point. Great as skincare, gorgeous in makeup and astonishing in perfumes. That's Lancome!

Well, back to the event, I am so happy and honored to be a part of it and able to invited my readers for this makeup workshop where they are taught step by step guide on the fall/winter look, given goodies back, promotion, enjoy lucky draw, and the best part? Try all of Lancome's finest from skincare, makeup to perfumes.

The location? Ritz Carlton (Kuningan) at 10 am.

Without further ado, Ms. Ronne started the event with a little bit of story behind St.Honore. I'm sitting right in front of my readers and I like their enthusiasm for the makeup session, some already in awe with the cleansing milk and toner from Lancome that are known with calming effect.

Mr. Kanu is present and we are now officially in makeup workshop, giving his tips, step-by step guide and throughout the whole process we can ask him anything. St.Honore is about the look in the 40's where the eye liner play their part well with luscious red lips.

This is my interpretation of the fall/winter look, hmm, I need more cat eye for the liner.

Yes, the look does seems dark and sexy in the same time.

The collection itself is not really knew, you can still use the products you have but I must say, red lips is a must have item in every gal. You never know when you want to be a dazzling star.

Here are some of the products I use and recommend for the fall/winter 2011 collection, it's all in the technique and how you apply it. Btw, concealer also plays a very good part here to create a spotless look.

Everyone goes home with a picture taken with 29 St.Honore Paris background, thank you so much for all the readers that attend the event with me, and so sorry to those who couldn't make it due to limited space, and next time don't forget to join and let's have a wonderful 'ladies only' time!

Au revoir!


  1. Aahh.. it's so bad that I couldn't make it due to something happened..):

    I love the makeup! I always love thick black eyeliner and red lips(:

    Hope we could meet someday..

    Dreamy Princess

  2. No worries, will meet another time :)

  3. thx for having me in that workshop. it was a fun experience for me:)

  4. Hi Joan,

    Thank you for coming and nice meeting you ^__^

  5. To tell the truth this is my first time learning about make-ups. I remember Mr. Kanu said, "Girls have to know how to do make-up theirselves properly." hahaha.. :D
    I love liquid eyeliner the most ^____^
    Anyway, it was really fun, I learned a lot from this experience, Thanks for inviting me :D :D
    Looking forward to meet you again!

  6. HI Jessica,

    Glad to hear that :) yes, we need to understand our own feature ^__^

    Hope to see you you again soon.