Friday, October 28, 2011

Shiseido Hadasui Skin&Body Toner - Suppliment In 14+a

Description found on Cosme Land:
Shiseido Hadasui Skin&Body Toner - Suppliment In 14+a is a jelly type liquid that contains rich natural water and ingredients to provide moist and elasticity to your skin.
This toner contains Japan's Fuji Mountain Natural Mineral Water, and 5 different types of Amino Acids, Collagen and other rich ingredients, total of 14 ingredients.

This jelly type toner can be used as
1. facial toner,
2. body lotion,
3. cool down product from sunburn,
4. care product for after shave,
5. and much more.

100% Natural Mineral Water
Low Acidity, Color free, Oil free, Grapefruit scent.
13.6 fl oz. (400mL)

Use this product as....
1. Facial Toner,
. Dry your face after washing your face with cleanser.
. Use a clean, fresh cotton ball or pad, and apply toner to it.
. Apply the toner in downward strokes on the cheeks, nose, and chin; sideways then downward strokes on the forehead.

2. Body Lotion,
. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently into pre-cleansed body.

3. cool down product from sunburn,
. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently to the inflammed area.

4. care product for after shave, 
. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently to the area. 

Do not apply to damaged, broke, or inflamed areas of the skin.
Not eatable, and drinkable
Discontinue using if itching, redness, or sensitivity occurs.
If the product contacts the eyes, do not rub; rinse with clean water immediately.
The product should be handled with clean hands.
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity, and keep out of the reach of children.

Details and image from Shiseido.

14 amino acids and other ingredients in natural water and collagen Fuji ●, is feeling jelly supplements provide a sense of firmness and moisture to the skin.
● 100% natural water use
● Non-Oily unpigmented weakly acidic
● refreshing scent of grapefruit
Should changes to mist and blast people with a thickened jelly ●.

My review:

Hmm, first I hardly smell the refreshing scent of grapefruits, it more like a sharp scent of something acidic. But the feeling on the skin is really comfortable. It can be use as a replacement for your toner, perfect for a skin that is drying and screaming for comfort and moisture. I also like that how handy this lotion is, hair, face, body, all can have a benefit from it. Too bad so far not many places (and country) sell it. I got it in Tokyo. 

Suitable to be use when you stay in air conditioning room all day long and drying your skin/hair. The sprayer help the application by far, smaller particles and feels smoother without the need of cotton. The lotion is easy to absorb and gives the moisture my skin need and not oiliness. I can simply use it several time in a day, I wish they have one in smaller bottle.

Will I keep using it? Yes! Love love love the instant juicy moist plump effect.

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  1. sis, numpang lewat ya. kalau mau beli hadasui sekarang bisa di ^^