Friday, August 16, 2013

Anna Sui Rouge Ring (400)

Hi ladies,

after the recent rendezvous with Anna Sui herself, I brought home a number of products from her (CLICK ME), the Rouge Ring in Red 400 is one of the item.

I love it as an accessories and as my lippie as well.


Available in 6 different shades, these cute gloss is a rave for many fans, one for the purple amethyst inspired jewellery and second for the all in one lippie that provide gloss, balm, and a touch of color in one.



The ring fit in my middle finger nicely and loosely on my ring finger. Open the lid and inside there's a red rose balm.

It felt so smooth on the lips and the balm effect last longer even after I swipe it off. My lips on the pic is using nothing but the Rouge from the ring.


It was a hint of red rose alright which can be use for daily natural look or on top of a lipstick for added moisture, gloss and a drop of red rose. Love it to the max! From the irresistible tea rose scent, the pretty exterior and beautiful color plus moist effect for the lips. It is definitely function meet fashionista beaute in every way possible where only Anna Sui can pull it off.


  1. so gorgeous, the ring, the color, the finish looks pretty on u too :)

  2. Hi Queen D

    Thank you, yes, the product looks pretty in every way ^^