Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Skinlife Medicated Acne Care Foaming Facial Wash and Lotion

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About a month ago, thanks to Indonesian Beauty Blogger Community and Skinlife in Indonesia, two products are sent to my home. These are the products used to treat acne prone skin. I know, I know, I get many many request of reviewing products for acne skin type, now, here's two of them which I think worth trying.


Brought by Cow Style the two items are Foaming Face Wash and Lotion. Don't forget to find Cow Style ID on Facebook and Twitter so you wont missed any updates from them, plus you may asked them any questions regarding their products.


For all of you who've been suffering with acne, here are some things you need to know:
1. Where does the acne come from? Is it hormonal, puberty, genetics, bad habits, diets, or environmental?
2. What kind of products have you tried before?
3. Have you use it correctly?
4. Have you use them in the right order in the set?
5. How is the progress?

Why are these questions important? These questions should help you understand your acne better. First is the history. If it is hormonal or genetics, probably you need a dermatologist help. If it is due to seasonal (like pms or stressful events) it can be tackled by adding antioxidant on the daily diets and use the correct products that help reduce the acne in these temporary conditions.

If it is due to sensitivity or allergy of using some products with specific ingredients, refrained yourself of using them in the future, and so on.


Please read the above details on how Skinlife Medicated Acne Care Foaming Facial Wash and Lotion can help you. They helps tighten the pores, lift up dead skin cells, reduce oils and black heads as well. It was almost like an all in one treatment for acne skin, but remember, these are just facial wash and lotion, a moisturizer is still needed after using the lotion.


Use this lotion as if like using a toner. With a cotton pad and damped it with this thick water. Thick water means it is still water but not yet a gel ^__^

The feeling is comfortable and gentle. It helps prepare the skin for serum and moisturizer. You may use acne medicated gel or any acne cream you have after using the lotion only on the parts infected. Follows by moisturizer all over the face.


For me the highlight of these two items is on the foaming facial wash as I wont be tired to keep saying that a good foam has to be created every time we use a foaming facial wash. It is the foam that cleanse the skin thoroughly and it is not easy to create such a dense foam. This device is crucial and the ingredients inside the bottle as well.


Look how soft and delicate the foam is, the mini micro fluffy white cleanser able to go through the pores an lifted up unwanted impurities and sebum. I like the delicate flowery and slightly medicated scent ^^ still fresh and wonderful to be used. I can testify on how it removes my acne as I rarely have one, but I can tell you how I enjoy this product even thou' I'm acne-free. The products reduce the sebum on the skin without over drying the skin.

My husband have several occasional acne and since using these products, he haven't been able to found any acne growing in his skin ^___^ that's nice!


How to use them?

Easy! Wet the face with water and pump the foam about 2 times if the face is really dirty. Gently massage the skin with the foam, enjoy your time when cleaning it making sure the foam gets into all areas such as the sides of the nose, near hair lines, under the lips, pores of the noses, yes, especially t-zone where the oils are usually appears.

No need using excessive force, a clean face doesn't necessarily red-out. If you're using makeup then please use makeup remover prior to this foaming facial wash.


After finish massaging the whole face with the foam, rinse well with running water. Dry the face gently with a clean towel by tapping it dry and follow with the lotion.

Overall, do I recommend the products ?

Yes! For those with acne prone skin type and oily skin as well.

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