Friday, August 23, 2013

Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Essence and Ultimate Anti Aging Essence

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Hada Labo have more on their sleeves which I think worth to try. They also have essences, it is to be used after cleaning the face and use the lotion. Pat the essence then followed with moisturizer of your choice. Hada Labo Indonesia has 2 essence for you to pick on. One for the anti aging and the other from the whitening collection. Here's the look of the items and details.


The Anti Aging Essence is the red one, with slightly yellowish tone, this milky creamy gel contains powerful regenerating essence like follows in the details by


And here's the details for the white creamy gel essence that helps lightens the skin:


Both feels good on the skin, the Anti Aging feels slightly richer and silkier on the skin than the whitening essence. The whitening essence since it feels lighter absorb easier on the skin as well. The content inside each product promote their functionality really well. I enjoy this over the counter products with friendly budget theme where literally they didn't added anything unnecessary, so the product can be used by those suffering from sensitivity, or at least they reduce the allergens by not using fragrance and no colorant too.


Now, why do you need essence? Essence is a concentrated version of the range (if it's whitening then the whitening essence hold the concentrated version of the whole whitening) but in a light form, so the skin able to absorb and take all the necessary nutrients easier than in a form of a moisturizer. To make it simpler to the mind, the essence works for the skin within while the moisturizer to seal the moisture by covering the skin. So when using the essence and moisturizer is like taking the benefits for the skin inside and from outside.

When using the product, it is best to use it within the range, like when using the Anti Aging series, please do use the essence and moisturizer from the Anti Aging series as well, along with the lotion and other products from the same range.

Or if perhaps (like me), you like using the original formula and need a bit of boost of whitening without wanting to use the whole range, then use the Ultimate Moisturizing series with Whitening Essence, or if you want a younger looking skin or at least keep the collagen level up, use the Anti Aging Essence with the Ultimate Moisturizing Series, I think this is suitable for those in their 25's where aging is not really an issue but it is definitely going to that direction ^^

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