Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love Boots (Assorted Shower Gels, Hand Wash, Smooth Care Shave Gel, and Gentle Feminine Wash)


It's a haul ya'll ^^

My sis just got back from Bangkok some time ago, and like having a personal shopper, she get me these awesome products from Boots. I love Boots for being ehm cheap, gives wide variety of items which is NOT available locally, and they often promote discounts and offers too ^^ which girl refuse a sale?!


They carry products made with their brand as well as other famous brands out there. Their 'homemade' Boots are filled with varieties of scents. I don't think they have a 'real' differences in term of function, so it's more to the scent and texture. Like these shower gel, they all are the same ^^ but with different scents so my days of showers are not as boring as some of the days are. The scent also only last for 30 minutes or so after showering heehee.

Same goes with the Hand Wash. I also have the one with Lemongrass and Tamarind which is refreshing ^^


The lavender is like most products with lavender ^^ calming and nice, the Strawberry and Yoghurt smell milky and sweet. Again, it's all just about scent and a bit of playful texture but their main frame is similar and about the same.

The shaving gel is nice, fluffy, adequate and just enough.


The cottony feeling is basic and not really smoothing the skin, it is more to the practical use but hey, the price is super duper friendly and in Jakarta these shaving gels are much more pricier with more or less same result.


Then they also have the feminine wash, a gentle wash which only suitable for the outer area ya, it helps to clean up with the soap free and ph balanced formula so it wont irritate our 'natural ambiance' down there.


The scent is mild and a bit floral, but of course, not too much. Easy to be lathered on and the gentle foam removes the unwanted smell and lifted up sweats, humidity and discomfort from all of them combined together in our hoo ha.


There it goes, my light and airy reviews on these moderately basic items from the isles of the Boots.

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