Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lancome Makeup Service for Mat Miracle 24H

Hi ladies,

have your ever want a makeover? I think the answer would be definitely yes ^^ For me a makeover is a simple thing to do when I want to change the whole look. Now, Lancome with their continual support to the customers are always available with a makeover service at any counter. You may call the counter respectively and set an appointment.


Yesterday, I was invited to try on their new Mat Miracle 24H, but it's not just that. From the moment I arrived they cleaned and thoroughly pampered my skin before the makeup session. The skincare is always their focus as healthy skin is a great base for any makeup.

Located in almost any wonderful malls around Indonesia, Lancome brings out trends, current products, consultation and tips for anyone. It is a free service to enjoy.


Here's my transformation. From cleaning the 'old makeup', putting on skincare, to base and then colors. I can choose any shade I want and the makeup artist also gave me some inputs, so it is okay if you happen to be clueless, the makeup artist on the spot will help you. I think the service is wonderful for those who work and want to go out at night without looking tired. The service refreshes the look in a matter of 30-45 minutes.

Nowadays women are so busy but we still want to look our best, that's why I think more brand should offer this kind of service as well for their faithful customer ^^

In Lancome, the quality and cleanliness of the products used are kept in the safest way possible. After each uses they swipe the products with tissue or wipes. No mascara are found dry and everything is always stay in the current trend. They removed all faulty products as well. I hope Lancome kept their service well as people will definitely appreciate their efforts. Nobody wants to get germs during a makeover, right?!


Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia and Mr. Ngurah (Seibu's counter) for this experience, below are the makeups used for my session.


Stay tune as I will make a review for the Mat Miracle 24H.


Au revoir!


  1. kemaren ke counter Lancome yang di MTA tapi petugasnya cuek gitu dan ga bisa facial atau make over karena tirainya kena foundation terus belum dibersihin. Ngemalesin deh.

  2. Hi hatidanlogika,

    Wah, that's not nice :( namun apakah kamu sudah menelpon untuk appointment? Mungkin jika belum mereka belum siap.

    Tapi jika sudah appointment harusnya mereka ready.