Thursday, August 22, 2013

Makarizo Repair Mask Honey Dew and NutrivSerum

Hi girls,

how are you today? How's your hair today ^^ is it glowing? Smooth? Or filled with problems?

My hair problems are oily roots and dry ends. They are just ... awful and able to make a bad hair day just about anytime. I need a product that can be used daily, gentle and budget friendly. These items may help solve the dry ends dilemma.


I received a box full of Repair Mask and NutrivSerum from the Honey Dew Collections by Makarizo. I shared some with my fellow staffs at Indonesian Beauty Blogger ^^ since there's still a lot I make a survey and tested the products on my friends and relatives as well. It help me to know, how far these items help other people and their hair.


The mask are used after shampooing, just liberally apply the mask all over the hair avoiding the scalp. Let it sit for a whole and massage it in especially on the ends. I use my shower cap for added 'heat and steam' naturally.

Rinse it all well and the hair become smooth and soft. Like using conditioner but with longer effect on the hair. The product is still considered light in terms of it doesn't gives severely damage hair a prospective effect, but it helps in terms of adding shine and moisture to the hair. In conclusion, I put this mask on a level suitable for dry-normal- to slightly damaged hair.

Now, if the hair is damaged, a serum added will be nice. The serum works as a sealer to the hair follicle right before drying the hair with any hair tools including the one with heats.


Above is the textures of the mask and serum. The mask is milky white, rich and creamy, the smell is like a merit between honey dew and cream. The Serum is a light oil, yellowish and smells a bit fresher than the mask.

When used together their scent last longer and so does the effect for the hair. The serum added some shine, but never use it too much as a couple of drops is enough. Too much serum will make the hair limp and oily.


 This is my hair after using the products, they add softness to the touch and reduce tangle by far. Here are a few testimonials from friends and families:

A: I love them so much, where can I get these? I want some more please, my hair become very smooth and soft. I love the smell too.
B. The hair become soft, but that's it, I don't see any long term effect.
C. I'm not a fan of the smell, but it help the hair to become less frizzy and looks healthier.

Overall, the mask and serum help the hair become softer (less frizzy, less fly-aways), adding some shines instantly, create a healthier appearance of the hair as well. Recommended for those with normal, dry to slightly damage hair, where the products help reduce breakage too by adding flexibility when used daily.

Thank you Makarizo!!!

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