Friday, August 16, 2013

Oscar Blandi Pronto Instant Glossing Cream

Hi everyone ^^

More than a month ago a product just knocked in my door, it was from Oscar Blandi family ^^

The instant Glossing Cream that is.


Here is the details from


I think this item really have a lot of benefits from protection to beautifies, but most of products like these felt heavy on the hair and sticky. Living in Jakarta means humidity and it causes the hair to be limp and looks dull. To my surprise Oscar Blandi Pronto Instant Glossing Cream feels so light and almost like nothing. No oily residue nor adding some weight, so for someone who have oily hair would still be able to use it.

The product is use after toweling dry the hair. So it is used on the 4th step. 1. Shampooing, 2. Conditioner, 3. Mask is needed and rinse everything out and toweled dry the hair, then 4. This Instant Glossing Cream as a leave in product before drying the hair using a tool like hair dryer or styling. You can also leave it alone until the hair naturally dry by itself.


The cream color is white and doesn't feel sticky on the hand as well. Use little by little according to the hair length and volume. Gently work it through the hair and use a brush afterwards. Don't forget, this cream are made for the hair, avoid the scalp and only use it from the mid length of the hair all the way to the ends.

Would I keep using it? Maybe once in a while when glossing is my priority of the day, but daily I'll use products that help build the hair strength. So if you have normal hair and not a broken/damage hair due to constant chemical process, you can use this products daily to add protection and shine without feeling heavy.

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