Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maybelline Fall in Love with Color (2013)

Hello ladies,

Maybelline has new colors of lipsticks for this season. It is the collections with a whole lotta attitudes.


Comes in four genre of Reds, Plums, Pinks and Nudes. You'll find a collection none like others and seriously completed ones lipstick collection in a more defined ways. I got one from each collection and later on the video I'll show you some which I already received from last month.


Pink Peony from the Pinks, Are You Red-dy from the Reds, Totally Toffee from the Nudes, and Plum Paradise from the Plums.

I've shared two looks using Pink Peony and Totally Toffee at this post: CLICK ME.

Now, here's the swatches respectively.


Same order as the images of the lipsticks, from left to right are Pink Peony, Are You Red-dy, Totally Toffee and Plum Paradise. All four have a significant differences, I think this is a very interesting fact, somehow most lipsticks out there looks so similar one to another, Maybelline newest collections dare to draw a thick line of one lipstick to the other.

After finished taking picture with the swatches I use a tissue to removed them, somehow it does make a beautiful pattern ^__^


Please do watch a video I make for the collection:


So far, I've been using them almost everyday, I learn how pigmented the colors are, stay on the lips really well, best to be used on a smooth non-chapped lips (as if it is chapped, the lipsticks WILL make the chapped appears bolder), coated the lips in this very rich lipsticks but without any feeling of thickness, nor greasy, nor oiliness. Bold in terms of colors, stays on the lips almost all day long, but I do recommend a lip balm or lip gloss is used to 'sealed' the color, and best to be clean completely with a makeup remover for the lips.

Lastly, do I recommend these lipsticks? Yes! Definitely. They are 'strong' in colors, full of attitude and comes in many choices.

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia.


  1. Pink Peony warna nhya cakep <3

  2. Hi thika,

    Iya, warnanya bagus-bagus n pigmented juga ^^