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Bioderma Sensibio H20 Launching in Indonesia

Dear all,

Bioderma is finally here!!!!! Like you've been reading and commenting and asking me where is it since my last post:

Now, they are here. Start 1st of September of 2013, expect to see them in Guardians Jabodetabek area.

It is THAT good and here's more of the why's


I arrived in pink and white so I can 'blended' in with the product ^^


Inside, everything is dressed in pink and white, I was astonished knowing everything was done hand made by one person ^^ Ms. Beatrix. She is the brand manager of Bioderma Indonesia and she definitely loves her brand alright!


Is it all the same product? Only one item? Right now, yes! But don't worry, they'll keep bringing all of Bioderma to Indonesia soon. Start with the one that sold every 5 seconds ya, Sensibio H20.


These are their meanings, concepts, model and missions.


These pretty and cute products are aiming for one thing and one thing only, the natural biology for the well-being of our skin. Healthy and taken care of with the most effective way possible and friendliest way to our lovable skin.


There are reasons why this item is very famous alright ^^

Let's start the presentation, start from Mr. Louis, he is the Managing Director and the reason why we can enjoy Bioderma in Indonesia, big hand of applause to him!!


After welcoming us to the event, it's time for Ms. Beatrix to explain all the how's, why's and well, the beginning of it all.

Details can be found and read closely at

An independent laboratory

The Laboratoire Dermatologique BIODERMA, based in Lyon, France, develops and markets, in close collaboration with dermatologists and renowned institutional research centers (CNRS, INSERM, CHU, Universities, …), dermo-cosmetic products intended for medical prescription and medicinal consultancy

BIODERMA is among the most frequently prescribed laboratories by French dermatologists.
Present in more than 70 countries, BIODERMA is growing very fast at international level. Over the past 5 years, the laboratory's average annual growth has been over 32%.

Since the creation of our laboratory, BIODERMA teams share the same profoundly humanistic vision. Eight fundamental values express our aspirations : 

The BIODERMA vision

The fruit of a profound conviction and driven by a will to innovate in the service of health professionals, the
BIODERMA dermatological laboratory cultivates and proudly promotes its difference

An innovative, scientific approach

BIODERMA believes that temporary relief alone is insufficient in treating most skin problems. Consequently, it offers a holistic, corrective solution for each skin type. Through enabling skin to achieve a sustainable recovery of its original wellbeing, we allow it to restore its natural balance.

A global understanding of skincare

Each BIODERMA product treats at the same time the origin of a given skin problem and its symptoms. By offering specific product ranges for each type of skin sensitivity, BIODERMA espouses a complementary approach where products for care and hygiene, both oral and topical, act in perfect synergy to treat the etiological as well as the symptomatic aspects of problems.


Finished reading the copy pasted articles from the website? :D now it's the fun part brought by the Asia Pacific Trainer, Mr. Tan Yi Chieh, a very fun guy that speaks bluntly about all the products surrounds us, oh well, he's been in the beauty industry for years (maybe decades). He speaks cosmetics as his mother tongue ^^


He explains the research behind the products and why it works so well on the skin. Sensitive skin, the types of sensitive skins (yes, there are types of sensitive skin) from the occasional redness to severely sensitive skin. These conditions needs different approach as they are different from to another. Some need special treatments, while some like blushing =^__^= needs nothing.


I can go on and on and on about sensitive skin and surfactants. Things that made the skin goes 'ouch'. So yes, sensitiveness can be triggered by ingredients, it's not just our skin condition. Now, where does Sensibio H20 stands on?

It stands on between the skin and sensitivity. So it's not just a product that is made for sensitive skin to be used but to help treat sensitive skin. Impressive right. By using the patented formula called TOLERIDINE (available in other products in the Sensibio family) later on it can help lowering the level of sensitivity on the skin .... details later ya, hopefully I can get my hands on more of Sensibio or just about any products from Bioderma.


Now, back to Sensibio H20, we've done a test together which later proven how Sensibio H20 have a acidity level between 4-6 which is suitable for one's skin. Other cleanser can go way up (danger!!!) which of course irritate and dried the skin condition, this is not good. I suggest you buy litmus papers and make your own tests at home to check on your items, is it facial skin friendly or not?!


Sensibio H20 is using micell technology which only available (since it is now patented by Bioderma) in Sensibio H20, where the molecules are able to 'pick' up the dirts, sebum, makeup, anything that doesn't belong to the skin natural condition with the help of a cotton pad. So pour some Sensibio H20 to the cotton pad, gently spread all over the face, if it's tough makeup wait for a while before swiping it off.

I've tried on waterproof makeup on my previous post, and yesterday, I tried in on my daughter's. She have tip-x on her face. Yes, that white correction paste that somehow gets her, I just dab a cotton bud with Sensibio H20 and voila! The hard to be removed tip-x is gone. We've tried scrubbing, soaps, etc, Sensibio H20 is the winner. No need excessive (or just about any) force, the thingy just come up without a fight.


So, of course it can lift up makeups, daily impurities and other things like sebum. In a Hulk world, those are just puny gods.


My final advice, don't just take my word for it, test the product by yourself and see how's your skin react to the clear water inside these simple bottles. Grab a cotton pad (yes, it has to be used with a cotton pad as a medium for the liquid and hold the particles when lifted up), dab some Sensibio H20, swipe everything off the face and feel the perfect clean feeling that none can give to the skin.

Tips: Inspired by a question by Priscilla, she asked about can it clean waterproof mascara and how?
Use a cotton bud, damped the whole thing with Sensibio H20, swipe the lashes one by one, do not closed the eyes as the mascara will become loosen and messy (where then you'll need to clean the lower lid), hold for a couple of seconds, depends on the strength of the mascara, and swipe the cotton again, repeat if necessary and enjoy the freshness without damaging the natural condition.


Thank you Bioderma for having me during the event and hope to see more of you in the future ya!! Please bring the hydrating series for me and oily skin type for my hubby, we also like the hair and scalp collections and the one for the kids, oh well, just bring the whole products ,that will be nice ^__^

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