Thursday, August 15, 2013

Karma Gorilla Perfume at Lush

Hello everyone!!

I'm back with one of my favorite brand in the world, Lush ^_______^ Their store always smell amazing and so does everything inside.

I always love anything from them, so when my sister offer me her Karma Gorilla Perfuma (solid), I was thrilled heehee.


Details from
Main notes : Orange, patchouli, pine, lavendin, lemongrass, elemi, cassie.
Feels like : running through a field of flowers on your way to Woodstock


Imagine a delicious orange bubble gum you used to have when you're a kid made from Meiji, this is the smell there is add 1000x. So when sniff directly can be quite strong, but for an avid Karma lover, you'll fall in instantly.


A very sweet scent which linger around citrus compacted in a sticky solid perfume (oh here the downside) and the push up packaging also doesn't help in terms of making sure non are waste. The push up is a bit tricky and I often push more than I need and when push back in, the solid perfume become messy and the lid are 'affected' here and there.


Still, every time I manage to swipe them on the skin where I want to smell good the most (^0^) the solid melts with the heat from the skin and like loosen oils they make everything they touched smells so good.

The scent last as long as the perfume stays moist on the skin. In terms of being a solid perfume the packaging need improvement and so does the sticky texture.

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