Monday, August 19, 2013

Mustika Ratu Goodies Bag (July 2013) - Body Lotion, Body Butter, Scrub, Biocell, Daun Sirih and Sleepwell Tea.

Hi all,

after a not so long ago meeting with the Mustika Ratu and given a goody bag full of stuffs that I can try. Yes, this is my first time trying some of the products. I've tried the scrubs thanks to Lolabox but about 80% of the other products are a new items in my vocabulary.


More variations of scrubs, body butters, and foundation. I've tried the scrubs and body butter, each of them is different in their own ways and scents as well. The scrubs are filled with small tiny beads that suitable for body use, the smell of the products can be choose according to anyone's liking. The coffee smells like coffee and the others smells like said on the packaging. But the papaya is actually a lot fresher and fruitier than the original product ^^

The foundation is not suitable for me in terms of feeling thick on the skin and the tone given is not suitable, hence there's no images I can give on using the product here.


The highlight of the event is for the Sleepwell tea, hence the 30 minutes presentation was for. I've tried them on Saturday since I have difficulties of sleeping due to the amount of light input in my bedroom (my curtain broke down and I'm a big fan of total darkness in term of sleeping). The tea does makes my eyes feels so much heavier and I'm able to doze of after around 30-45 minutes later. The taste of the tea is interesting, it was somewhere between herbal and a bit fruity and aromatic. It was a delightful experience.

I've tried another brand of sleeping tonic but the taste makes me waking up even more due to the sharpness and unnatural acidity.

I think the Sleepwell tea from Mustika Ratu is the winner so far for the simplicity, taste, no need adding sugar, freshness, effectiveness and no after effect. I don't experience a 'hangover' kinda feeling like from sleeping pills sometime does.


Next in line is the oral and dental hygiene products which contain betel leafs where it is has been known for generations of helping the mouth to stay fresh and the teeth clean from caries. Instead of having the trouble of chewing the leafs, now in toothpaste and mouth rinse to help us in the most practical way possible. Does it have the exact same benefit like chewing the leafs? Well, almost. The natural ingredients may some have transferred into the product but I think the movement and action of chewing the leafs are replaced with the motion us tooth brushing with tooth brush.

I like the taste and freshness of the product, I think they are as simple as they can get with the main ingredients written as the product that gives betel leafs.


Last but not least is the body lotion, a bottle full of skin caring item which on me failed to pass the bar. The lotion feels like a think covering filmy effect that doesn't really penetrate on the skin. The scent is okay and I think it is a bit confusing in terms of I can't figure it out what it is.


There it goes, my review, testimonial, shares and experiences in using the products from Mustika Ratu. For more details, you may contact Mustika Ratu directly and I still think that their main strength is on the naturally Indonesian heritage, spa and pampering the body with their treatments and herbal drinks.


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