Monday, December 30, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Le Vernis 102 Macaron Noisette

Hello everyone!!

New Year is just around the corner ^__^ I hope we all have a happy new year and blessing throughout the year to come.

In this post, I also have a new favorite thing heeeheee, new color for the nails called Macaron Noisette. Details from

Product benefits

With a formula that combines rich pigments, pearlescents and optical effects, L’OrĂ©al Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis offers an extensive collection of 49 modern and fashionable shades. The mini 5ml bottle allows every woman to mix and match her favourite hues from the range to complement her every mood, occasion and look.


An exceptional formula with a built-in Top Coat
The ultra-fine ingredients in the formula are combined in a liquid gel base, the Liquigel, so the polish glides on smoothly and easily during application and provides even coverage over the entire nail.

A patented brush
Delivers just the right dose of polish for a one-stroke application in which each stroke applies an even amount of product all along the nail.


The polish are almost like a gel nail polish, I did add a top coat for extra shine and it was like 8/10 if 10 described gel nail polish. Definitely shinier than normal nail polish. Le Vernis also need longer time to set completely dry and hardened, I think when normal nail polish took 1 hour to hard enough to stand anything, Le Vernis need 1 hour and around 30 more minutes. But the result is worth the time, it was hard and set well.


Tips: Make sure the nails are clean. To prevent bubbles do not stir the product or gently when inserting the brush to the bottle. Wait until all the bubbles are gone before applying except of you want some hard set bubbles on the nails.

After finish with the application, let the nails air dry for at least 1 hour. Le Vernis will last around 1 week without chipping.

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Indonesia.

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