Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bain Prevention Kerastase Specifique (Normalizing Frequent Use Shampoo)

Olaaaa everyone!

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While waiting for the excitements on Christmas day, I love the coolness of the rainy season as well. Nothing beats that fresh breeze in the morning when rain is coming. The water become so cold, I wish Jakarta be this cool everyday. Since most of the days are hot and humid, my scalp and hair suffer the consequences, they become easily greasy, limp and lifeless. A daily shampoo is needed for my frequent usage. Not all shampoo are made for daily use. A few, like Kerastase Normalizing Frequent Use Shampoo from the Spesifique collection is necessary.


This clear gel shampoo is the actual product inside the bottle, the easily lathered on shampoo have a nice pleasant floral scent that I really enjoy. It cleanse the hair but without striping it off it's moisture, especially on the hair ends. The scalp and both hair strand is happy. I feel the cleanliness everyday without worry. Conditioner is needed and can be adjusted to the hair's condition. If your hair is dry, you may use a conditioner for dry hair, if it's colored, use a conditioner for colored one, and so on.


Details can be found at:


▪  Optimises micro-circulation
▪  Stimulates hair production
▪  Texturises the fibre
▪  Immediate volume effect


For a daily use, one step only: spread evenly through wet hair, lather, rinse thoroughly.


Intervention corporisante. Complexe Gluco Impulsion.

▪  GL®: energy for stimulating material production.

▪  Stimulation agents: boost cellular exchange, activate micro-circulation, stimulate the metabolism.

▪  Texturising agent: volume and growth particles.

▪  Soothing agent: anti-inflammatory agents + cooling agent.

Do I still using it everyday? Yes! As long as Jakarta have a hot and humid condition and until my scalp can bear sebum or at least produce less. This shampoo can be use daily or sparingly, when needed, all Kerastase products may be adjusted accordingly to the scalp and hair condition at the moment of usage. For me, I always store 2-3 range of Kerastase and used them when needed, like when the hair is too greasy and dirty a product that banish the oils is needed, when my hair feeling dry, the masque from the Elixir Ultime is needed, etc.

Thank you Kerastase Indonesia.


  1. Glad this shampoo is working for you!
    I've been using this shampoo for 3 months now... and have a mix feeling about it...
    I bought it to reduce my losing hair problem... at first it works - now my hair doesn't shed as much as it used to...but after 3 weeks, my scalp feels itchy and have dandruff ...

    Now, I use other product to prevent the dandruff and still using Krestase Bain Pervention because it softens my hair and and prevent hair loss.
    Anyway, prolly going to try other shampoo after I finish this one

  2. Hi Imelda,

    Actually I did notice a but of itchiness after keep using it daily, but as mentioned above the Specifique collection best to be used only when needed, so once in a while I changed my shampoo with other range. I was told by the representative from Kerastase as well that the Specifique collection only to be used when needed and should be stop when it is not needed :) It is a bit pricey habit with them, but I found them worth the price and addictive haha!