Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

Hi everyone!!

After kept on trying different nail colors and stay colored for months, my nails need some rest. The yellowness need to get some sunshine to get back in normal color. The strength and vitality also need to be restored. Hard As Nails is a product I need at the moment.

The product can be use alone or as base coat.


The look and appearance on the nails are almost like any base coat, but lighter and they do help the nails gain strength and normal color in a matter of days. I love how my nails changed so fast. I don't have to wait for a full week. Now, around 5 days after application the nails look lovely and healthy again.


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No more chipping, cracking, nor splitting. Today is the 6th day and the shines are still there and the nails are getting stronger and stronger by the day. This is a great way to let the nails 'rest' without compromising on the look.


Thank you so much Sally Hansen Indonesia.

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