Friday, December 27, 2013

COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap (Further Review)

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in this post I'm going to share more regarding COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap as I'm participating in COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap. For those who read my blog knows, this is not my first time reviewing the soap, here is my first post on COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap:

On this post, I want to share more regarding this wonderful soap that has been used by my entire family, but first, let's read the details provided:


Just like our facial skin that needs good moisture and soft fluffy foam, the body's skin as well. Normal soap with big bubbles wont do as they are skipping the pores and just touching the surface of our skin. The tiny bubbles created by Bouncia Body Soap will goes into the pores, clean them gently and leave the skin clean and moist, without striping the skin dry and uncomfortable.


Check out the details on Bouncia here:

I've used them again and again and again, so does everyone at my home, we all still enjoy the refreshing scent and lovely fine bubbles. We do still comparing the product with other brand and soaps. None act like COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap in terms of soft fluffiness.

My husband who has sensitive and oily skin enjoy the clean feeling which is non-drying and non-irritant. My daughter who has gentle skin loves the bouncy foams made and I love how the product kept their skin healthy with everything inside the product, such as milk butter, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.


I know that some people are worry whether the product will give the skin a clean feeling and gives moisture at the same time, the thing is, the squeaky feeling that we feel using another product is actually not good for the skin. Our floors should be squeaky but not the skin. Squeaky skin means the skin was already strip off it's natural barrier.
Here's a mini test: Try scratch your skin using the nails, if you see white marks from the scratch, your skin are in desperate need of a good moisture and it should start from the daily soap used.

COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap can be your base of a good start for a better skin condition. After taking a shower using Bouncia Body Soap, use a good lotion within 5 minutes of leaving the shower while the skin is still damp and suitable for the lotion to settles in. Protect your skin during the day with a good sun protection and try to avoid the sun at it's peak (usually around 11-12 noon until 2 PM). Clean the skin at least 2 times a day in a shower or bath using COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap for a clean, fresh and hydrated feeling all day long.

Thank you COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap and B Blog

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  1. Im using this and I love the scents. My kids always playing with the foam ^^