Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bouncia Body Soap

Hi everybody ^^

I love soaps! I meant who doesn't, it helps us get clean and the variety on the market is just endless. Some do make our skin dry while some add a refreshing scent, some pampered the skin beautifully and some are just a high quality product suitable for the whole family.

Bouncia Body Soap by Cow Style is now available in Indonesia. They has been serving the world for 100 years from Japan. This product is suitable to be used by the whole family, hence loved for all those years.


The simple and exquisite packaging show exactly how the product should be, a bouncy white foam that smells milky and floral musk fresh at the same time.

Below is the product right after pumping and before foaming action.


The small amount can produce foam multiple times more than it's original size. I love how bouncy it is, using the foam net also possible but without, the foam is still abundant. The whole family love the white fluffy foam, it cleans without over drying the skin. A light body lotion is still needed afterwards, just to seal in the moisture. The feeling is comfortable and pleasant.


This is a simple way of taking a shower without worrying that the skin may become irritated and suitable for the kids as well.

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