Thursday, October 31, 2013

V 10 Plus Licorice Serum

Hello everybody,

another product from V10Plus is here. A brand developed in Singapore with Japan made products, so please do expect a high quality items and trust-able results.

I've tried some of their serum before Licorice, they all work really well on me, that's why I have no doubt when using Licorice Serum.


As usual the packaging is simple and so does the details provided. Please do read it here for more info: and here: where Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is now collaborating with V10Plus to introduce the products to Indonesia.


Even thou' right now the product is not available for sale (yet) in Indonesia, but let's cross our finger hoping they'll be here soon ^__^ each of them can be purchased in Singapore.


Below is the detail from V10Plus:


The orange colored liquid feels a bit thick, like a thick water, not yet a gel, but somewhere in the middle between water and a gel. I can not comprehend any distinct cent out of it but I'm sure the product is free from fragrance, perfume, like clearly stated below:



Now, what does the product do to me?

To understand the effect, let me explain a bit about skin sensitivity, which varies from light to severe, occasionally appears due to hormonal system, environmental factors, or other external or internal aggressors.

Mine is light and depends on my hormonal (currently pregnant) and occasionally happens, like when I'm using the wrong products. This serum enable me to keep my sensitivity controlled. I think the product would have a more visible result to those with severe sensitivity, like those with noticeable redness.

Overall, for me this is the serum to be used when in need, so I'm not using it all the time, but when I suffer from sensitivity. The product can be used by any gender and I let my daughter use it when she have a skin inflammation or sensitivity as well. The serum can be use for the face as well as the body's skin.

The serum gives the skin a comfortable feeling after a while, so don't expect it to be an instant elixir (perhaps on a severe condition), use it on a clean skin and routinely until you see the result.

The serum easily absorbed by the skin, it doesn't and never leave any residue nor discomfort. Then I continue by using lotion, moisturizer and so on. So the serum is the first product I use after cleaning the skin, even before toner.

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