Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elizabeth Arden New York in Bloom Nail Lacquer Duo in Purple Orchid

Ola ladies,

whose looking for a pretty colors for their nails? I do, I always do. It's like they add a bit of tones on the accessories side, I'm literally often looking at my nails and enjoying them. Like they are some kind of garden on me, a refreshing side when in bored. Oh well, I guess only a nail lover would understand. It's not just decoration, it's adding something on the tip of our hands.

Elizabeth Arden launched 2 shade of nail Lacquer Duo, one in Teal and mine is in Purple Orchid.


Details from

Embrace Spring with our answer to the perfect manicure. Our Nail Lacquer Duo has beautiful color on one end and a crystal clear, gel-like top coat on the other. Apply color on nails and seal it in with the ultra high shine top coat.

The highlight of the product? The glistening gel-like shines that looks really nice. This two in one product is super easy to use, just apply the color part and then the top coat. In terms of scent, they are no different than any nail lacquer, so no fragrance here. The drying time also normal, around 3 minutes of each coat and 1 hour until dry and 2 hours or so until completely hardened (a fan or a cool air blow drier surely help), the top coat also help the color to set, shines beautifully, and remain untouched.

They are NOT chipped free, so around 1-2 days chip start being made (due to my hard core job as a housewife) but the shines remains awesome for more than a week.


  1. aduuuh, cantik sekali warnanya Carnellin :)

  2. Andai lebih banyak shade ya Winda :)