Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pop Colors For a Runway

Hello ladies!!!

Nowadays Pop Colors and Runway looks are everywhere, they are fresh, delightful and fun! The Jakarta Fashion Week is just around the corner and after finally found a time to do a makeup for my sister (since my pregnant skin is sensitive), here it is, my version of a Pop colors for a runway.

(So sorry, later on when my skin is less cranky, I'll make one on my face)


Here are the brushes used for the look and below is the step by step on how I made this look possible.


First, of course, start with a clean face and a good base. Using Maybelline for her oily combination skin is perfect. The BB Stick stays on her perfectly without fail, Clear Smooth is added for a sheer coverage just to add a bit of mattefying effect on the skin and made the skin feels velvety.

Then, I tidied up her brow using Panasonic without changing her brow at all (she loves her brow so much) since I also a fan of a thick brow. For me a bushy brow is ALWAYS in trend. Emphasizing on the colors of the look, especially the eyes, thanks to Maybelline Color Tattoo the shades are just irresistible. Using the Teal as the base and Gold on the upper side is appealing for that lights on runways. I'm using Color Crush on the lower lid in Grape Expectation.

Next, is the eyeliner, Maybelline Master Liner only on the upper lid and ooohhh I love the lashes done by Maybelline in Long Extreme Double Stretch, the number 1 gives extra length and volume (white creamy texture) while number 2 is the black mascara. Coating the extended lashes in black gel and like making them look real.

Moving from the eyes is her cheek, since we are blessed with chubby cheek a shading is needed, instead of using shading and highlighter plus bronzer separately, the all in one product from The Body Shop is perfect. Giving her cheek bone in an instant.


Adding a bit of blush on her upper cheek by using The Body Shop All in One Cheek Color in Ginger is perfect so the attention is still to the eyes, Last, the lips, a healthy dose of Fruity Jelly by Maybelline in Berry Bella for a high shine lips without any bold color.

Easy peasy isn's it?!


These are all the products used for the look ^__^

Thank you!

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