Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guergi Cover Foundation SPF 30 in G04 and G05

Hi dear ladies,

I've been using Guergi since August 2013, oh well it's been two months and I love it more and more, like after every single time I uses it. The product has the ability to adapt on the skin and making them looks great without looking like I'm using heavy layers.


Mine is in G04 (full size 30 gr tube) and G05 (sample size).


Details from

long lasting, 
Full cover makeup with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. 

grotection against aging and  the formation of wrinkles. 

SPF 30  ensures skin is protected from the harmful effects of the  sun. 
Suitable for overall uniformity of skin color or to conceal cosmetic imperfections. 
hypoallergenic dermatologically. 


Above is the image after using the G04 on my hand. The coverage is beautiful and light, practically like not using a foundation. The product only need to be applied in a the smallest amount possible. Like 2 rice grain for the entire face and neck. It is build-able, but I don't see the need to put on a thicker layer or more layer since the smallest amount do suffice.


As seen at the before after image (above and below). The foundation helps even out the skin tone, cover the redness and large pores, reduce the lines and adding radiance to the skin. And after all of that the foundation looks so thin and the feeling of the skin is still airy as well. The velvety appearance is pleasant and I was told by the representative from Guergi, the longer I'm using it the better they blend into the skin natural's look.


I love it very much. The lightness, the coverage, the natural look without any cakey nor thickness, and I can use just about any other skincare and makeup along side with the product.

Take note that Guergi Cover Foundation is best to be used after a moisturizer and on a damp skin. And adding a loose powder is just enough for me to create the look below. The SPF 30 is suitable for daily use without being too heavy nor too light. Even thou' the product seems so small (30gr) but it last for months and months since I only need a very little amount in single usage, the sample itself last for a month.

Between the shade G04 and G05, I like them both and can use them both just fine. I'm using the G04 when I want a hint of fairness and G05 for a natural sun-kissed look. Either way, they are great!


The coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E is definitely a bonus as well for a skincare lover like me.

A must try and must have item!

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  1. Hi sist,, interesting review!! it's look very natural and well blend on your face :)) what's the different with usual foundation?

  2. Hi Metta,

    Tergantung 'usual' foundie kamu apa. For me usual foundie means heavy thick creamy texture that doesn't feel natural on the skin.

  3. Hi sist!

    I already bought this product from their website!! 2 days ago the products arrived, and it really cover the redness on my face ;) thank's to your review... hehehe

    Anyway,, my usual foundie would be the same on yours and i think guergi is differ with usual foundie which i used before..

    Thanks in advance ;))

  4. HI Metta,

    Glad you like it :) so far it is my best foundie. Covers beautifully and lightweight on the skin.