Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clinique CC Cream in Fresh Pink

Hi all!!

CC Cream is like everywhere nowadays and almost every brand is creating their own formula for this color corrective cream. However this CC Cream is also known for many of it's name depends on the function.


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  • Coverage Sheer to Moderate
One simple step for glowing skin. Lightweight formula instantly colour corrects a range of complexion concerns - redness, dullness, sallowness - so all you see is a healthy-looking glow. Oil-free hydration and sunscreen mean a more flawless look tomorrow, too.  Each versatile shade is appropriate for a range of skin tones and undertones.
Skin Types: All

Lighter CoverageModerate CoverageFuller Coverage
Spot apply CC Cream where skin looks red or dull.Wear it alone over bare skin or mix a little with your moisturizer.Wear it under foundation.

Clinique has develop around 9 shades of tones to suits the skin's natural skin tone. Mine is in Fresh Pink, a shade that suitable for a white porcelain skin where it add a touch of pink to avoid being pale.


This is the cream on the skin, with and without flash. There's a mild scent, fresh but I couldn't really figured it out what exactly it is, I don't see any significant color correcting ability but more to the radiant glow it gives on the skin.

The skin and the whole face seems lit up and like I just had a good workout, dewy, happy and may I say, perky. The CC Cream is suitable for those looking for a sun protection, added moisture (after moisturizer), and light glowing effect. Those who are looking for a coverage would not be pleased with this product as this wasn't made for coverage, but more to the tone correcting to even out and enhance the natural skin condition.

So, if you already have a healthy skin condition and just need a bit of enhancement, this is the right product for you. But for those looking for coverage will need to add BB Cream and/or foundation and powder after using the CC Cream.

For me? This CC Cream is my daily sunscreen that add a fresh glowing touch for a natural look. Add a bit of loose powder and it just enhance the original skin condition without looking like I'm using any makeup.


  1. teksturnya light bgt ya ci, jd lebih kayak moisturizer.. SPF nya juga tinggi! :D

  2. Hi Dewie,

    Iya super light, hydrating tapi engga bisa gantiin moisturizer, cocok sih buat daily use sebagai sun protection dengan spf 30 (pas banget) n bikin muka terlihat lbh kinclong alami :D