Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hello ladies,

do you know about Balmain? How about army leather jacket? Or just about army inspired jacket? It's been used by many celebrities and nowadays copied by many brand. Balmain made the first one and it was his original design that has been copied by many over the years. This same man created Ivoire, inspired by a lady he saw on a white dress.


Below are the details, please do click on them to read it more, I think if you want ti understand a perfume, the background behind how it's made is as important as the smell itself.


For me the first thing that catches my senses is the green notes, they are fresh and lovely. But on my skin, they scent evolved into vanilla and more to the floral feminine side. It was amazing how a scent can transform on one's skin to another. So when you try a perfume, try it on your skin, it is almost useless to try them on a paper since daily it will be you using the perfume, not the paper.


The perfume seems to stands between all the classics around the world, so it's not something new and current, but it's a scent that kinda grown on me where I remember sniffing it when I'm still a kid, it's that famous scent from the back ol' days where Chanel No.5 is around. It is a scent that can be used daily and on special occasion during gala or romantic event. It is a scent that can define someone.

My 3 words regarding the scent:

sophisticated, feminine, classic.

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