Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Hello everybody,

I hope everyone is doing fine today, it looks like it is going to rain soon as the clouds are getting darker and darker.

So instead of brazing in the rain, I choose to stay at home and do my nails, thanks to Sally Hansen's event last week, a bunch of products are ready to be used right here.


I've done stickers before with the fake cheapo ones where many online shops has eagerly sell in bulks, and now I'm trying the high quality products from Sally Hansen. From the details, packaging, information given inside, tools and the strips, they all are like night and day with the cheapo ones.

The stickers are much thinner, easier to stick on the nails and covers like nail polish does, the tools inside are sufficient for home use and dummy proof (with practice).


I choose the one that my daughter said to be a giraffe pattern.

Please do watch the video here on how to use it:


What do you think, neat isn't it?! But what is the difficulty level when an amateur (like me) has to do it myself?


First I opened the small package and found items like in the video. After making sure all the nails are clean and nail polish-free as well, I checked on which stickers fit which nail, I've noticed they give some extra strips for some nails but not to the smallest nail (pinky).

It is hard for me to take pictures and do the nails at the same time, there are some difficulties that I faced, first of all the strips are really thin and really sticky, if accidentally folded it would be impossible to get them straight again. Getting them exactly on the nails also not easy, it needs patience and effort. But if everything done perfectly the result is pretty much paid off.


The strip will hugged the nails and wont let go, like a real liquid nail polish once dried, and there's no need to wait for them to dry as they really is literally dry already. The only major problem I found is during the applications, below are the results:


The part where pointed (cuticles) are the toughest area for me, the stickers would stick on them and it is a bit tough to removed them once they are stick and there's also a time when I want to apply the nails on the other hand, the part where the nails are done can still be so attractive to the nails with strip on, they'll stick together and create a mess as well. I think it is better to ask a help if your art and craft level is low like me.

Hmm, one thing that I've noticed is the stripy white lines like the stickers are made using an almost run out ink in the copier, is it supposed to be like that?!

Last but not least, like usual, the nails on the left hand are done better than the right since the left hand has to do the right hand's nails.



It is a great quality product that gives everything we need in a box, from product, tools or applicator, incl. details as well. The stickers and thin and wrapped the nails like normal nail polish without the need of waiting it dry and backing up with many complicated designs which only top notch nail salon can do.

The downside of the product is how thin the strips are, making someone that so amateur like me tough times during application. But I think practice do makes perfect.

if the wraps a bit messy like 'drawing outside the lines' and sticks to it. Let it be. Use a top coat afterwards to add some shines and wait overnight. Take a shower or soak all the nails the next day until the skin become soft and easily peel off the mess which is on the skin.

Thank you Sally Hansen Indonesia for the products.

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