Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bella New Celebrity Ambassador

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sometime ago I was invited by Bella, they are introducing their new Celebrity Ambassador, below are the details:


Velove Vexia Treats Her Sensitive Skin at Bella Skin Care
Alpha Clarity Treatment (ACT) ushers in a new age in skin whitening

Jakarta, 19 November 2013Bella Skin Care, a leader in skin care and hair removal services, today proudly announced its new Celebrity Ambassador, Velove Vexia, a well-known actress and model.

Bella Skin Care chose Velove Vexia as its Celebrity Ambassador for her beauty, intelligence and qualities that are symbolic of the brand.

Velove is currently finishing her study in the USA at University of California, majoring in business administration. She is also busy writing her first book which is aimed at the current generation of women. She actively participates in social activities by establishing a foundation that seeks to reduce children’s death rate and improve their living standards.

Velove has experienced two different climates, in Indonesia and the US. Changes in weather and busy schedule created skin problems, so she needed treatment. This skin problem was bothering her, but she needed to be careful in choosing skin treatment services as random treatments and products might damage the skin. Bella Skin Care has the newest products and treatments that are suitable for Velove’s sensitive skin, keeping her skin smooth, healthy and light.  

Velove said that she was delighted to be chosen as Bella Skin Care’s Celebrity Ambassador, “Bella Skin Care is the leading beauty and skin care provider and I am delighted to represent them. Their skin and hair removal services are of high quality and really suit my skin type and lifestyle. Their advanced technology also puts them in the forefront of beauty care.
With demands of my current profession, my skin has become dry and sensitive and even by drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and cleaning my face, it is not enough. Now I need professional support,” said the actress who started her career at 16. “Bella Skin Care provides what I want. My skin is healthy and it glows again with its newest treatment, the Alpha Clarity Treatment, which I really love as the benefits have been proven. In addition, the Alpha Clarity Treatment does not take a long time, only about 1.5 hours and after that, I can do my activities as usual” added Velove.

The Alpha Clarity Therapy is the latest Bella Skin Care treatment that creates whiter, fairer skin that is healthy and clear. It uses 6 products with revolutionary formula to control age spots, reduce melanin production and give a fairer complexion.

About Bella Skin Care
Bella Skin Care is a recognized leader in the field of advanced skin care and hair removal. Supported by extensive research, cutting-edge technology and professional staff, Bella enforces high standards in the skin care industry. Established in 1982, Bella currently has more than 30 treatment centers in Asia and 13 treatment centers in Indonesia, operating in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.  With more than two decades of experience in providing professional skin care, Bella is the pioneer in introducing the most sophisticated solution for skin care and hair removal in other countries, such as Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Bella has been helping thousands of Indonesian women to get healthy and natural skin. Through research and experience in Asian skin profile, Bella has provided special treatments for Asian men and women who long for healthy young looking skin.

After the event, the media are going home with some products.

This is my first time trying their products, I'll share the review after I've tried them okay ^^


Thank you Bella Indonesia

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