Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil

Info and image taken from SkinInc Official Website and packaging

Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil (68$ for 60ml)

The Skin Inc Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil is the only mineral oil make-up remover on the market that does not use surfactants to dissolve make-up. While soaps and surfactants may be good at removing make-up, they also strip the skin of moisture and that is not good enough for Skin Inc........ and I just found out that other cleansing oil still do have soaps....⊙﹏⊙

In addition, what makes this cleansing oil different from others is that it has three layers made of pure active ingredients that work in unison to purify, hydrate and condition the skin whilst removing dirt and make-up .
The first layer is the purifying layer; it brings impurities from deep within the skin’s pores to the surface. Most make-up is oil based, so the mineral oil has the ability to cut through the minute amounts of grease and dirt that tend to cling to make-up that accumulate over the day, making it a breeze to get rid of impurities without affecting the skin’s natural pH.
The second layer hydrates. It consists of pure active ingredients such as Japanese Cherry Tree extract well-known for its skin conditioning's SAKURA

The third layer nourishes. Referred to as the booster layer, it contains Artichoke Leaf Extract to refine pores, the anti-oxidant Vitamin E and extract of Saxifraga Sarmentosa which brightens the skin and prevents skin irritation.
How to use: Shake the bottle until all 3 layers are mixed into one brownish smudge. Pump and apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the eye and face in a circular motion. Rinse clean with water.

"Get glowing with this triple-action cleansing oil that cleanses, hydrates and boosts your skin's healing ability.
Three unique layers of pure active ingredients work in unison to gently remove traces of makeup and daily debris, while maintaining skin moisture levels and revitalizing skin in one fuss-free step."

My Review and my image ◕ ‿ ◕ heehee

Like on their website, the actual product have 3 (three as in Trinity) layers which look so gorgeous. And when I open the lid the wonderful scent of natural lavenders just fills me in. Take note that SkinInc never add on fragrance, so the scent is from the natural ingredients and oils needed for the product as they see in function. Lovely!

I tried it on using a cotton pad to cleanse my mascara (super waterproof mascara), it work out well. I must say, I'm impress. I use other product that says specially formulated to cleanse waterproof makeup in eyes area but still cause a discomfort on my eye, since sometime the product get into the eyes and cause a bit blur. With Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil, it didn't. The feeling and my eyesight still wonderful and undisturbed.

And all that comfort doesn't meant they tolerate on the cleansing property, it cleanse my super duper waterproof mascara and lipstick easily. It did feels heavy when massaging the oil, then I add a bit of warm water, massage again, then rinse of, my face so clean, soft and doesn't have any stickiness nor oily effect. It's puurrrrrrfect!

First I thought the oil leaves a thin filmy effect like other brands of cleansing oil or be too dry, most of them do that, but Pure Trinity Cleansing Oil leaves my skin clean, soft, supple, and pretty . Define pretty: seems bright, happy and perky!

Cleansing Effect:
After Effect:

I know that on the packaging after using the product you can use the Pure Prodew Cleansing Foam, which I didn't but I don't feel like I need it since I don't use heavy makeup. I think it's more like a personal selection, not like other brand that I feel MUST use a cleansing foam after it.

This is another brilliant product from SkinInc that I really recommend as MUST TRY! Visit their branch and see they are celebrating Christmas with lots of irresistible promos.

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