Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skin Inc Pure UV Protect+ or CC cream

Thanks to the Korean wave BB cream is everywhere. A country where 2/3 of the ladies are doing plastic surgery, esthetically changes using medical methods are common. Hence BB cream are essentials for them for after procedure. Created to protect the skin from irritation, uneven skin tone, blemish, sun burn, and many more is the blooming growth for this kind of cream for.... well, every one now, who want a natural look but help the problematic skin to look flawless effortless.

But what is the problem with BB cream? Why do we need something else? You are about to find out soon

The official press release picture

The original look, it slimmer....camera do add 10 pounds (wink wink)

The official press release info:
The Skin Inc Pure UV Protect+ is a SPF 30++ makeup base, sunscreen, moisturiser, sebum control and anti-ageing cream all in the one application.
BB creams have become the latest craze in Asia because they conceal all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and other blemishes thus producing a very natural, flawless no-makeup look – at least for the first few hours. BB creams are known to dehydrate the skin, leaving an undesirable powdery or cracked look. ................AAaaahhh see the problem?!

To counter this, the Skin Inc Pure UV Protect+ contains the active ingredients Ceramide-2 and marine Collagen. Nicknamed the CC cream, Ceramide-2 maintains moisture and integrity of the cutaneous barrier by capturing and retaining water for epidermal equilibrium. It fights against skin ageing and preserves the skin’s youth.
The marine Collagen contains essential amino acids that provide a moisture building block when placed on the skin. In addition, the collagen polymer provides a long lasting surface moisturisation effect.
Thus, working just like a tinted moisturizer the Skin Inc Pure UV Protect+ provides perfect coverage like a foundation would, without clogging pores and with the added benefit of UV protection. In addition, it has healing properties that soften, smooth, and refine skin whilst encouraging skin regeneration to create and maintain youthfulness.

How to use: Apply a small amount onto the back of your hand. Apply onto face in five dots to the forehead, nose, both cheeks and chin. Blend well until invisible.
My review:
As a follower of Skin Inc I have high expectation on their product, and like always it does worth being expect for.
The cream is tinted with natural color with a hint of brightener, it gives me a flawless look but take note the coverage is light to medium. My skin looks natural, healthy, comfortable, still can feel it breathes easily, relaxed and dewy.
The difference that I feel from BB cream that I use is the way it look where BB cream gives me a bit of oily look, CC cream from Skin Inc doesn't. My face also look brighter, smoother and a loose powder is adequate for my daily activities. Usually for BB cream I still need to use another pressed powder to help reduce the shines and it still only last like 3-4 hours, while CC cream + loose powder without pressed powder last up to 6 hours. I only need to top up the loose powder occasionally. The color of my makeup (blush on, pencil brow, etc) also last longer on my face. And last but not least the moisture, SPF30 PA++, and anti aging property is beneficial to my skin.
Suggestion: Try it! You'll L♥‿♥ve the product like I do.

For more information check out iloveskininc.com

Now, after 2 years finally I remember to do the before after look using Skin Inc Pure UV Protect+ or as known as CC Cream:

This is my before look, a clean skin after toner, serum and moisturizer.

Then I pump one time, it's actually depends on your needs, but my advice pump once at a time then if you need some more, pump again after spreading it well.

I always tap the products into 5 different section (any product  for overall facial use), it help getting even and not too much on one side while the other deprive. The cream is smooth and lovely, my review for the product is simply the same, the addition is only for pictures and pictorial guide ^__^

Now, the hair lines is the part you need to be careful, blend well on that side too, if not you seems like wearing a mask on certain lighting.

This is my final look. when there's a bright light the complexion looks fairer and without, like when indoors, it look so natural. Just need a bit of loosing powder and the base is done. But you can add more layer according to your preference, for me, I like to add color :)

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