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My 5 Beauty Wishlist with Female Daily

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as usual, beauty products are everywhere and it seems like every single day, there's new items being made. We have got to keep it up if we want to stay updated. But, do we need to get them all? Not necessarily, we can wait for the reviews first, so when we get ours, it is something that worth buying.

Female Daily, as one of the biggest women network in Indonesia, understand the needs of consumer to ask around and perhaps look for a review for beauty products before committing into one. You can start looking at

I have tons of Beauty Wishlist but let's just start with 5 shall we?

Start from the hair.

For a hair coloring enthusiast, I love coloring my hair periodically and sometimes even make a drastic changes, so I kinda need this so called Argan Oil which said to promote healthier hair with it's powerful nourishing ability. But there are so many argan oils in the market. Josie Maran is one of the leading brand in the market, I would love to try their formula, use it as a leave in treatment on the ends of my hair and hope for the best. Wash them in the next morning for that lightweight finish is something that I look for.


Next in line, or number 2, is the oh-so-famous colourpop!!! It's like da bomb of the bomb in terms of lippie. They are budget friendly and high in pigment too. The best part from colourpop is that they are also stay true in multiple skin tone, so whether you are dark or light skin, the color will vivid as it is. It's like every gal I know surely making this item their wishlist. The thing is, since we're not living in the US, getting them also not easy, there are online shops that do sells but usually with higher price and the PO comes after weeks or even months.


Number 3 is Choe perfume. Looks sophisticated, girlie and the bottle itself has been a selling point for a collectible item on my dresser. I love the scent as well and hasn't been able to own one since I always swamped with perfume. It's like one of those things that you've been wanting to have yet somehow you keep on delaying the pleasure, since you're afraid that nothing comes after that. Silly isn't it?! It is the perfume that every time I went into the mall, admire, touching it, sniff it a bit and leave with dreams of getting it home and fear of becoming one of my collection that gather dust. Not because I dislike the scent, but making it one of my treasure, still, this is my wishlist, hopefully someday my love will get me one of these and make it more special.


Number 4. Deodorant, oh wait what?! Yes, deodorant, I really want to try the double effect from Nivea with violet. The aroma of violet itself is aromatic and amazingly so good as something to be used on the body, hence using one as a deodorant actually can be something that not just keep the smell away but adding that beautiful fragrance. I love deodorant, oh perhaps need one, living in a hot and humid Jakarta made me can't live without one. And deodorant is perhaps the thing we should read before we buy. Like how effective it is. Like in Japan, none of the deodorant is effective, seriously, never buy a deodorant in Japan, they all smells so good naturally, they don't really need one.


Last but not least, the overnight aka sleeping mask.

Sulwhasoo is one of the brand that made Korean beauty with their much accredited national heritage ingredients. From red ginseng to the roots and woods we never even heard of to wines and other extract that are famous worldwide. Those ingredients and process in extracting them in order to be absorbed by the skin is the reason why they cost so much. Hence, they are on my beauty wish list since my skin longed for the nourishing effect as well. Imagine being pampered with history and research from dedicated team in Korea, the aroma, the feeling, the texture and of course, the effect.

I want wake up with my skin looking like Korean celebrities.


Now, all of these things and the reviews are available at Female Daily, we can search and look for them thanks to the team and those at the community that gives reviews. You can also help and write one, plus, get the prizes too, read here for more details:

See you there at Female Daily!!!

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