Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lancome Velours At Lancome Kelapa Gading

Hello lovelies,

Last week I was invited by Lancome.

This time, it is for a semi private gathering with beauty bloggers. Lancome Indonesia has once again want to relived the dreams of the local beauty bloggers.


The event also took place in their new re-opening counter, a much more open layout and space for customers to try and play with their collection.

From skincare, perfume, and makeup.


Do you see the monochrome theme in their new counter, so chic and Paris <3 br="">

The details brings out elegance and at the same time, welcoming as well. It's not like those kind of counter where customer are only as client that stood behind the table, this is more of an experience where we can actually 'play' around with the products.

Take note that most customer nowadays are smarter and much more informative than ever before. They know what they want and most of the time, coming to the counter only to pick shades which is never a thing we can choose from reading only.


Same goes with perfume and the texture of a skincare.

One thing that I really hope, someday, beauty adviser in Indonesia are starting to treat customer beyond selling points and more like clients that they need to treat better. Give them genuine advices on products they should and should not use. Recommending like real friends do.


In this opportunity, I also play around with Velours, ohh finally. I have a chance to try them. In fact, I've been looking for them in Singapore and found none, turns out that they only be available starting next month, and only a few countries in Asia will carry Velours. So, when you travel to countries like Japan or Korea, you wont be able to find them.


The pigmented semi matte liquid lipstick is amazing! The color comes out instantly and by the single swipe. At first they are wet, and on my lips somehow they took a while before the dry matte powder comes around. On other bloggers, the semi matte seems visible in seconds.


The colors are varies from bright pink to deep red, purple to orange, it's surreal, but I don't feel like I'm in Lancome. So fresh, fun and the vibe is just wonderful. We all love playing around with the colors, there's even cotton candy pink.


The team from Lancome ask me which one is my favorite, I scream all of them!! The red hue is gorgeous and so does the Salem, coral, peach, who could ever choose one?!


The formula is exactly like how every beauty enthusiast describe them to be, stays hydrating, smooth, soft and with the final matte finish. It's wonderful to be used for hours and hours.


Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia for having me and see you again real soon!!!

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  1. all the lipstick colors looks good on you! :)

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