Monday, July 25, 2016

Yves Rocher Lotus Flower from Laos 24H* Anti-perspirant

Hello lovelies,

here is a deodorant from Yves Rocher. And surprisingly, the first product I'm trying from this brand.

Yves Rocher itself has been around for almost a decade in Indonesia or perhaps more, but only recently I feel the urge to visit their store. Like I want something new and now looking at their store, surprisingly, I find a lot of things that I like.

I like the fact that they don't have parabens.


I'm always looking for deodorant. Many of that particular thing doesn't really work on me, I've tried almost every brands and types in the market and only a few helps. After talking to the beauty adviser, she convinced me that this one really helps 'drying' the area, hence no sweat whatsoever. No sweats means, no smell.

I'm active almost all the time, sometime I even sweat during sleep in an aircon room, I don't know, I just do. And don't get me started when I sweat during menstruation, oh, I do warn you, it's just too smelly. Deodorant is needed to made them tame.

Perfume deodorant usually helps. Not perfumed deodorant, but perfume deodorant, where it usually comes in a spray formula and made by a perfume company. But that one usually pretty pricey, if a deodorant cost around 7$, a perfume deodorant cost around 30$.


Lotus Flower from Laos 24H Anti-Perspirant is a roll on deodorant that comes in a somewhat '7$' range. It has a subtle scent of a lotus and the container plus design is quite pretty in those pink outfit.

Everything is written quite clearly on the bottle and also available online.

Its alcohol free formula with the soothing Lotus Flower fragrance actively protects you during 24H* by regulating the perspiration process.
*Clinical study conducted on 19 women

Lotus Flower from Laos water
Alcohol free, paraben free
Formula tested under dermatological supervision

100% recyclable bottle

Hmm, why 19 people?!


Does it works?! Most of the time, yes!

The product works better, after a shower and I don't get sweaty before the deodorant sets, so apparently, using it during an evening shower is better. When I'm relaxed and calmed, the sweat glands also feel in-alarmed. The deodorant can sets and works it's magic. It helps me stays odor free for at least half of day. I meant come one, Jakarta is like a massive sauna, it is not possible to stay sweat free 24 hours, even moving a finger without aircon can make people sweats and I'm not using aircon 24 hours.

When I'm out and about I do sweat and the deodorant do helps to contain everything. And I can say that this one do works! It works pretty well.


I can comfortably lift up my hands in public since the product keeps the armpit dry, most of the time at least, and even when I'm sweat, they don't create some funny (awful) scent. Like when use some products I find in the supermarket where after a while, when I sweat, the smell of the deodorant and my sweat and everything in between become so yucky. This one doesn't. It smells like a subtle floral and then fade into nothing. Nothing is always better than yucky scents at any given day.

Overall, a great product, if it can tame me, it is already considered a success.

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