Saturday, July 23, 2016

D.U.P Eyelash Glue Super Fit

Hello lovelies,

here's another eyelash glue that is available on the market.

Seems like this Japanese brand hasn't really been very famous and after trying their products I somewhat understand why.


The packaging itself is lovely, minimalist and stylish. I really like the blue and whites, they look refreshing.

Inside is a creamy white glue with fine brush applicator, just like any other brand out there on the market. Similar tube, shape and wand inside.

Using it also simple. just like their image on top, apply the product on the falsies, wait until it is semi dry, attach on the area near the roots of the real lashes and hold until set. And they have kinda a while before setting and sometime doesn't really hold. I have to bring the glue everywhere since the performance is pretty poor.

Imagine going to an event and the falsies just goes off halfway. Looking at them dangling here and there is just annoying.


In terms of comfort, it does, they stick (when they do) and doesn't feel tight nor sticky. It's just their 'sticking' power that doesn't really last against just a bit of sweat or grease or tears from the eyes zone.


I hope they improve the formula or perhaps I tried another type of this glue. They are not cheap, it comes in a price around Rp.100.000, so they should perform well since many glue for falsies with lower price gives better ratings and experience than this.



not really satisfy and wont recommend the product to a friend, sorry.

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