Saturday, July 30, 2016

COVERMARK Skin Clear Emulsion

Hello lovelies,

this is a post for everyone that has dull skin or oily, or those who need extra care of skincare that help skin rejuvenation. It is exfoliating but in the softest way and doesn't involve flaking off nor redness.


COVERMARK Skin Clear emulsion.

A range that is dedicated for a clear skin finish, spotless, and so smooth.


Gentle skin clear emulsion. This exfoliating emulsion gently removes dead cells that cause dull, uneven skin.

  1. Gently removes dead skin cells that cause dullness and unevenness .
  2. Contains 3 dead cells softeners.
  3. Leaves skin supple and elastic while removing excessive dead cells.
  4. Helps aid the absorption of treatment formula and cream.
  5. Fragrance and colorant free.

How to use

Use after lotion in the morning and at night. taking two pumps onto palm, apply to entire face. Follow with a treatment formula.


The product comes in a soft orange bottle and a box that contain the details on the product. Everything is written on the box, pamphlet and website. I can easily find everything I need to know.

So, the thing about emulsion is, it's a product that used after serum and before moisturizer. And it was advice to use a hydrating serum and moisturizer with this product as it helps moisten the skin during the process.


The white milky fluid feels a bit tingling on my sensitive skin. I can't use it too often, more like once a week or less frequent. If you happen to have very dull (or thick) skin, you can simply use it more often.

As the product soften the dead skin, removing them will be easier, so do not use any scrub, or other exfoliating product while using Skin Clear Emulsion.


COVERMARK Skin Clear Emulsion helps easing the dark spots, acne marks and help reducing the pore sizes too. The skin will eventually become smoother, spotless and feels so fine when touched. I love how soft the skin become. The skin also appear more moist, perhaps since other skincare used ,after the dead skin being removed, penetrate easier. I don't necessarily use the emulsion with other products from COVERMARK, but I'm using it with other brands, so far none of them clashed. Just made sure I'm not using anything that also exfoliate or peel the skin, so the emulsion can have a peaceful time softening the dead skin where then the dead skin will comes off on it's own time.


Thank you COVERMARK Indonesia.

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