Friday, July 29, 2016

Talika Lipocils Expert Review

Hello lovelies,

finally, after numerous time using the product and sharing it on my blog, I can now happily made this post with before after images.

I was always forget to took the after images, or use the product diligently, now, I'm still occasionally forgot but try my best to remember. So this is my review after using it for a month (not necessarily everyday but kinda almost everyday).




So yes, there has been several incomplete reviews regarding the product. Now, it finally completed.

Below is my lashes before the treatment begin. Before using Lipocils (again).


And below is the after, it looks so much longer. When my eyes are open the lashes are filling the top part and we can see the tips of the lashes while before the treatment it was short.


And when closed, the differences are much more visible. They are longer for sure.

And why do I need to keep using Lipocils every now and then?! The key is in the regrowth, as a natural part of a human being, everything doesn't last, we are immortal, so does our lashes. They'll grow and depart sooner or lather, hence a new one will come and need Lipocils again. And then, I use many falsies again and sometime accidentally pluck one or two off, or using eyelash extension and add extra burden to the lashes and caused them to grow weary and leave early and so on. Hence the new ones that just in their grow spurt need a fresh new help, from a fresh new Lipocils.

We just need to be patience and diligent in using it daily. Twice if possible. When everything is still clean, like after shower, and the feeling of using the product, is a bit sting at first, but I get used to it after a few application. I always prefer using it when I'm at home and doesn't have a plan to go anywhere, as it doesn't really goes well with a waterproof mascara, as it will made them 'bleed' as in not really waterproof anymore.

There you go, a complete post for Talika's Lipocils Expert. One of the best solution for a longer, thicker and darker lashes.

Thank you Talika Indonesia.

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