Friday, July 29, 2016

TALIKA Photo-Hydra Serum

Hello lovelies,

another review for another product brought to me (and you) from TALIKA.

A product that works like a charm, especially when combined with their night cream.


I was given a tiny portion which is enough for 3-4 days, and using the product only need a few drops, so this tiny potion bottle can last until I see a difference.


Talika discovered the virtues of light for skin and brought them together in this concentrate: PHOTO-HYDRA SERUM is the 1st serum to use energy from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturise it.

Suffused in HYDRA-PHOTO BEAUTY® and hyaluronic acid, this hyperconcentrated formula creates an effective water reservoir both between and inside cells. The hydration level is optimal.
After 3 days, +86% deep hydration (dermis)*

The skin is immediately and intensely refreshed, replumped and beautified.

*Ex-vivo test on 8 subjects.
Lipopeptide: soothes skin
Hydra-Photo Beauty®: hydrates in-depth
Hyaluronic Acid: Plumps intensely
How to use it
Apply in the morning to a thoroughly cleansed face, neck and décolleté before your cream or PHOTO-HYDRA DAY.


The serum comes in this clear and a bit like gel consistency. Fluid and easily distributed and absorbed by the skin. I'm using it after cleaning the skin and toner, right before moisturizer and like said above. Using the night cream from the same series made the product works in sync. The skin becomes moist and nicely hydrated without any feeling of greasy nor sticky. It was wonderful.


The serum can be used day and night, I don't need a lot, just a bit is enough, the elixir is creating it's magic on the skin.

The texture itself is perfect for all skin type, whether it is dry, combination, or oily.


Top it off with a moisturizer of your choice and the product should be working well. The serum has the ability to works well with many brands that I've tried, adding moisture to the element and we all need moisture.



a basic serum that fits for everybody. Add a few drops to the daily routine day and night for a perfect hydration the skin's need. Works well with moisturizers from different brands and type too.

Thank you TALIKA Indonesia.

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