Saturday, July 30, 2016

COVERMARK Treatment Cleansing Oil

Hello lovelies,

COVERMARK, a brand that offer many makeup base also share a cleansing product that helps removing every single makeup put on the face. Treatment Cleansing Oil, an oil that removes everything that doesn't belong to the skin.


A treatment cleansing oil that does it all.

  1. 1 step makeup remover removes waterproof makeup without damaging the skin.
  2. An oil remover that leaves no stickiness but instead a refreshing and smoother skin.
  3. 82% of beauty essence ingredients, prevent DNA damages caused by reactive oxygen.
  4. A relaxing woody flowery fragrance added to a refreshing citrus fragrance.

How to use

1. Hold an appropriate amount in the palm (4 to 5 pumps) then apply to the whole face. Blending well with make up. 2.Rinse off with water or tepid water thoroughly after applying. 3. Use with other cleansing products for best results.


It has a subtle fragrant aroma that helps calming when used. I'm using it on a dry and dirty skin, makeup, sun protection, they all will be removed using the cleansing oil. Including waterproof makeup. Everything just breaks off, looking at my waterproof mascara being swept away by the cleansing oil, or all those foundation just being expel from the skin, like particles. Red luscious lipstick moved from the lips, it's like magic

The key is to massage the oil well on a dry skin, using a clean dry hands. Let the oil touches everything (eyes closed) and let them have time in each of the part, so after distribution, make sure that every part that contains makeup has a glimpse of the oil and massaged. Enjoy the massage and while doing so, feel all those makeup being removed. After making sure that they are off from the skin, add a bit of water and emulsify every part. Rinse everything off with clean water and look how all the makeup has been disappeared while the skin remains soft, supple and very comfortable.

Use a foaming facial wash to perfected the cleansing routine. Use only the dense foams which is looks like a fluffy marshmallow to help taking off any possible leftovers or for those who prefer a squeaky clean feeling.


For me, COVERMARK Treatment Cleansing Oil is a sweet ending after a day using makeup. It is so easy to be used while in the shower, so before I touches everything else, even water, I use it first. When everything is still dry, it removes, cleanses and help my skin to stay moist during a warm shower. Afterwards, my skin doesn't feel taut nor dry. These areas on the upper cheeks can be easily irritated, so far, using the Treatment Cleansing Oil, those areas are never feel bothered, they stayed happy and calm.


Again, COVERMARK share another wonderful product that comes with quality and ingredients I can be happy about. A brand that deliver result and visible effects.

Thank you so much COVERMARK Indonesia.

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