Thursday, July 21, 2016

VOV Span Mascara G

Hello lovelies,

this is VOV Span Mascara G, a well-known mascara that gives long lashes, curls, volume and best of all, absolutely waterproof and tear-proof too.


For longer, denser eyelashes with volume! Curled up completely! For sexy and volumized eyelashes.
Power Upgrade New Span Texture
The new span texture provides a fast setting and expresses beautiful eye makeup after applying lightly on the lashes.
Span Lash × Sensuous Volume × Edgy Curling
The light and evenly stretching span texture with the zig-zag brush express longer voluminous lashes.
Perfect setting with the span waterproof system
The span waterproof system maintains the condition of the set eyelashes without smudging by sweat or sebum.

1. Sweep up from the roots of eyelashes.
2. Apply once again before the mascara dries if the lashes are not longer or volumized enough.
3. For cleansing, soak with lukewarm water and wash with foam cleansing.


This is the product. As seen on their website, they have some other mascaras too and they all have their own personalities. You can simply look for the one you want. For me, I want something that really seal the deal, completely waterproof, stays against tears, sebum, and even my greasy lids.

In terms of performance, I', expecting something that add length to my short lashes, and of course volume too and intensity in terms of black in color. It made my lashes more visible and attractive.


There seems to be several type of the wand, mine seems to be number 3. So, the same product can comes in several wand and brushes that perfect for ones lashes.


This one is just perfect for me. The tip pick up the short lashes, while the rest brings up curls and share a handful amount of black gel-cream like formula for that thickness that I want.

It's just right.

At first application it does feels a bit sticky, it is expected for this consistency, and then I though it would be annoying for the whole day, I was so wrong, within around 5 minutes or so, it sets, and sets real good. I have a tough day when using the mascara, I sweat like hitting the gym, breaking from the cold sweats to hot to having to walk for miles in the new airport in Jakarta (terminal 3 is uhhh-mayyy-ziinggg), and then events after events until around 9 pm at night and the mascara stays like non other. It is THAT good.


Other mascara melts, smudge, breaks off within minutes to perhaps an hour or two under extreme condition, this one stays for a good 7 hours on my terms. My terms means, all those sweats, tears, sebum and very greasy lid that has successfully made any other mascara 'cry', VOV Span Mascara G is a bad-ass. It never cry. .........well, at least until it was clean with a good makeup remover like reputable cleansing oils :D


In addition, the mascara add length for sure, volume and deep black intensity.

I love the dramatic side of the mascara.


The shape of the product is unique, the metallic and black mid part with grips that helps holding it better. The words Span G Mascara in white and orange.



loving it, I thought I should give up with my high expectation in finding a mascara that really stays against all (my) odds, and then I found VOV Span Mascara G.


Thank you VOV makeup Indonesia.

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