Friday, July 22, 2016

Hair Lounge by Ryoji Sakate

Hello lovelies,

As my hair goes weary with the blue green manic panic and hair manicure. And the outdated style which need major reconstruction, finally, I went to Hair Lounge by Ryoji Sakate. A place where Japanese hair stylists and trends meet.


The location is at Senopati and right above some restaurants. The place is decorated minimalism, it is a huge trend in Japan and many Japanese hair salon also embrace this idea hence they look kinda similar. I've been to a Japanese hair salon since 10 years ago when I was in Singapore.

Everything is made by appointment, so please do call them in advance and set up a date, plus information for what kind of service you're looking for as preparation will be made for efficiency and a better time management.

I was scheduled at 4 pm and went in when Takeshi is ready around 4.15 pm. I want a fresh cut, so a medium length bob is my choice. He cuts everything nicely and with the similar techniques done in Japan. The whole process took around 90 minutes, we keep consulting, he asked me what I want, Takeshi gaves input and so on, until the desired length and style is achieved.


Now, as the cut has been made, it's time to start with the next step of my makeover.


I want a lavender colored hair, as a fan of that particular flower, I want my hair to look like it, plus with a hint of pinks. 


Since my hair is colored with many process and stuffs, Shierley decided to start with bleaching and the colored the hair in suing purple and pink in stripes.

The result was amazing, my hair looks like grape with peaches.

The process took around 3 hours but it just worth the time consumed making this lovely colors.

The bleach feels sharp at the nose and the color made the scalp feels hot. But it's bearable, and last only a while.


The studio is dimmed and the lighting is yellowish.

During the day light and outdoor the color is so fresh and young.


The curls are made using thongs that will definitely gone after the first wash. But the stye and color last, at least for the style. The color on the other hand, will last approximately 2-3 months.


Thank you so much!! See you again soon.

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