Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oya Clinic Relaxing Treatment

Hello lovelies,

some time ago, like perhaps, almost 6-9 months :D I was invited by Oya Clinic for an event at one of the most prestigious location in the town.

As usual, Oya Clinic is presenting their most proud treatments which I yet to try. Ulthera and their famous face and body shaping treatments.


On the event, they also share a bit about Oya's backgrounds and all the breakthrough they've made.

One of their patented item is the sticky gel-like brown creams that are used during the treatment. A special formula created by Oya.


A live demo of face shaping is shown during the event and all the guess can freely ask or even try a bit.

It was a brief but concluded presentation, I think everyone get the idea of how the treatment works. I've also tried their facial shaping and enjoying every little bit of it. Their treatments are comfortable and doesn't involve pain.


After the event, I'm given a voucher to try their Relaxing Treatment, which I just had today heehee. Yes, I've been really busy and postponing pleasure.

The treatment took around 60 minutes. Start with cleansing, scrub, and then they use this metal thingy that 'collect' dead skin cells and things that can be obtain like white heads, they found quite a lot around the nose. The procedure is not as painful as extraction but the pointy areas does feel a bit, like scrapping the skin.

Continue with the massage, which I think worth every minute of it and so relaxing. I'm kinda addicted to the massage and would love going back for the massage alone. The technique itself is superb.

Followed by a mask, a usual paper mask that we seen a lot in the market that helps hydration.



After 20 minutes of using the mask, the skin is prep with moisturizer and sun protection.

Thank you so much Oya Clinic, this is one of the best facial I've had in years. My skin feels and looks so clean and the massage given by the therapist is spot on. Ease out all the stresses away.

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