Saturday, July 30, 2016

COVERMARK Cell Advanced Serum

Hello lovelies,

I'm officially above 35 now and I'm using more serious skincare than ever. I'm not very good in keeping myself very healthy, I don't get enough sleep, I don't eat like a true nutritious person or at least try to eat less fat or red meat. I'm a foodie and love to eat different kind of food on daily basis. I rarely exercise,  if walking in the malls or do the dishes at home considered as an exercise, I'm grateful.

Hence, having a proper skincare is a must in keeping my skin up-to-date.


COVERMARK has introduced me to a world of good makeup base, now I'm exploring the skincare side of them.


This is the first serum from COVERMARK that I've tried and seems like it is a match with my skin condition.


The Fulfilling Beauty Serum. Recovers tightness and makes your skin moist, elastic and makeup-friendly.

This beauty serum was specially produced to provide a sensation of firm and abundantly hydrated skin.  You will feel as if beauty has been delivered to all the cells of your face.
・Oligopeptides and other active ingredients support your skin’s natural beauty. Ample hydration will leave your skin looking hearty without texture irregularities and conspicuous pores.
・The smooth consistency of the lotion helps it penetrate deep inside your skin. Efficiently delivering
 beautifying compounds, the serum will make your skin tight and radiant.
・Our new moist-fit oil binds tightly to your skin. It will prevent moisture evaporation and make your skin
 smooth and makeup-friendly.

How to use

Apply in the morning and evening. After conditioning your skin with the lotion, collect two or three pushes of the serum in the palm of your hand and massage generously on your face and neck.


The product comes in a luxurious golden sparkly plastic bottle that looks like a glass. It comes in a pumped container and everything works well. Each pumps deliver a smooth white creamy gel like texture and smells a bit like citrus.

I'm using the product after cleaning the skin and after toner. The serum glide on the skin nicely and making them moist and the feeling is comfortable. It felt rich but not greasy nor sticky, like it has a good nourishing ingredients for the skin that made the skin plump and supple.


I have a dry skin and clearly aging too. Some fine lines and stress do reveal through time. Using a good skincare helps the skin to retain all those condition using ingredients that benefits the skin.

The first thing that need to be done is adding moisture, a hydrated skin is flexible, stronger and has a better ability to fight against any aggressor. A healthy skin also appear calmer, it doesn't seems irritated, red, nor sensitive to the touch. A young skin appear firm and doesn't sag. All of these are signs of beautiful skin.

Through daily habit, lifestyle and proper skincare (plus a good gene and environment), the skin can fight aging much better. And for me, using COVEMARK Cell Advanced Serum helps in a way of a skincare.


Using the product on daily basis, twice a day, the product helps my skin day to day, keeping them moist, smooth and supple, it also helps retaining the nourishment inside with the moisturizer. A hydrated skin is always better any time. Never underestimate the power of a hydrated skin. The more moisture the skin is, the higher chance of survival it has against all odds.

Another bonus points are makeup stays better and more natural as well.

Tips, do try to use a gentle dead skin removal on monthly or perhaps every 2-3 weeks, depends on your skin's need. It help the formula to penetrate and works better as no dead skin cells gets in the way.

Thank you COVERMARK Indonesia. Another must try product from COVERMARK.

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