Saturday, July 23, 2016

Menard Exstretch Mask Sheet

Hello everyone,

this is a mask from Menard that I received some time ago, I kept postponing using it since I have a vert tight schedule and finally, last week, I tried the mask and loving it.


A facial mask that provides an intensive special skincare in combination with a richly concentrated serum, which helps to improve firmness and quenches the skin with moisturizing effect. The sheet type mask comfortably clings to the face and enwraps the skin while providing a pleasant firming sensation.


The packaging is very simple and there's much details provided, same goes with the website. Hence getting as much info from the beauty advisers are needed when you're getting one in the store.

And below is the product. Comes with a 2 sheet, one for the lower part and the other for the upper part of the face and there's this small tube that contain the serum apart from the mask.


Apply the serum first on a cleaned skin and after toner/softener to the skin.

The serum felt rich and creamy but not sticky nor greasy.


After the serum is applied, I put the lower part first that fits perfectly and then the upper one.


One the mid part, they overlap a bit. But the whole area can be considered as 'in place'.


This is one thick mask, with white cotton on the outside and thick gel on the inner part. It cools off the skin the moment they touching each other and I feel so comfortable using the serum and the mask at once.


The skin feels firm and again, very comfortable. I'm expecting the serum to have some kind of leftover and doesn't really absorbed by the skin due to the texture, and I was wrong, they do taken by the skin. I also enjoy the 'bouncy' effect on the skin and looks like I had a good night sleep.


Thank you so much Menard Indonesia, and hope to see more of your wonderful products.

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