Friday, July 22, 2016

VOV Runway Multi Cushion Pen

Hello lovelies,

look what's coming knocking on my door, the Runway Collection from VOV x Kwak Hyun Joo Holiday Collection Release, whoot!!

I'll be reviewing them one by one and on their own posts, this one is about their Multi Cushion Pen.


Cushion Multi-stylus pen one runway Lip & Cheek velvety texture and coloring of the child at a time cushion multi-pen
01 uniform and smooth production Soft velvety texture without being sticky and adhere to the skin, it will be smooth fitting. 02 rods to help cushion a natural color When blended with a soft plush cushions do not use your hands can be harmonized with the natural color tone. 03 lip, cheeks, all-in-one pen to complete the child at a time Spreadability is good while also containing powder porous concrete jungle that is developing anti-cushioned pen is used on the lips, cheeks, child rubs off or prevent shine.

Runway Multi cushion pen
Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polyglyceryl triisostearate -2 stearate, cyclohexadiene siloxane, titanium dioxide, dimethicone cross polymer, cyclotetrasiloxane, vegetable oil, argan tree kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, (+/-) , yellow No. 4, mica, red arc 104 (1), yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, red No. 201, black iron oxide, carmine

(do mind the google translation)


These are the products, mine are in Cushion Pink (No.1) and Cushion Apricot (No.2). They have another one which is No.3 that pretty much like a nude beige.

On the images above and below is No.1


And below is shade No.2

Look at the design of the box and product itself. They look super cute, stylish and so much like these tin soldiers.

The product is really like a pen, with clickable end and soft short cushion on the other for application.

When first use, click around 5-6 times until the products comes out, after the first use, just click gently and as needed as there's no need using them too much as the color is there.


It's liquidy, pigmented and easy to be used. Just dab, dab, dab with the cushion for areas such as lips or cheeks and get a help from the cushion or finger to blend. Areas such as eyes. just apply the product on the cushion evenly and then gently swipe it over the lids.


Look how pretty the product is as a blush, it's just the right pink for me.


Everything I can find about the product is just pretty. The details is provided on the box and other details as well. But on the website, it will be mainly on Korean. Hence a google translator is needed, still, it was an easy product to be used and get benefits from using the product.

Click, dab, blend.


The pink fuchsia shade is satisfying and super adorable. The shade last long too on my skin, I didn't touch up for 4-5 hours.


And the apricot, gorgeous!!!!

Looks like nude with a hint of orange, I use it on my cheeks and lips, they look divine. Made me look sophisticated.


Add a gloss for a watery effect or use it alone for a matte sultry finish.

Thank you VOV, love it to the max!


  1. yg apricot sih cute to the max.... aku blm review ini....

  2. C! Apricot defo your color!! Super nice! So glad you like it!
    Thank you.

  3. hehehe gak disangka ya, warna yg kalem gitu malah cucok di aku