Friday, July 22, 2016

VOV Runway Glow Metal CC

Hello lovelies,

back with the products from VOV makeup collection collaboration with Kwak Hyun Joo.


Glow Runway metal ssissi can kkwakchan spectroscopy, light volume, the completion of brilliance to light skin gyeolgwang grab at once!
01 Maxi Moist, Volume, Smoothing of finish glow Lilies can be extracted using the surface of the skin as well as helps to moisturize the skin deep to keep skin moist for a long time.
02 toneop skin finish that lasts all day Baekchul and the oil component is contained, reflection powder to help cover imperfections makes it subtle and smooth, without dark toneop Ning.
03 When a metal plate that can be used anywhere and fresh content Metal plates are helping to keep the kulringgam CC cream, you can always use fresh and hygienic.

Glow Runway metal CC
Lily extract, titanium dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, the chilhek silme ethoxy cinnamate, phenyl trimethoxy chikon, cyclohexadiene siloxane, purified water, not blood -10 dimethoxy chikon, caprylyl trimethicone chikon, diphenylsiloxy phenyl trimethicone chikon , zinc oxide, phenyl benzimidazole jolseol sulphonic acid, niacinamide, tromethamine, sorbitan sesqui isostearate, sorbitan sesqui oleate, dimethicone, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, baekchul oil, 1 2-hexane diol, the living tree fruit extract, Jinx Te rate by Osaka Ride gum -1, phenoxyethanol, magnesium sulfate, distearyl dimonium hectorite, distearyl Des Moines chloride, bis-vinyl dimethicone / de mechi konko polymer, palmitoyl proline, dimethicone / mail chikon copolymers, adenosine, sodium palmitoyl-Sarco city carbonate, magnesium palmitoyl glutamate, seven in triethoxysilyl poly-di methyl siloxy seven hexyl dimethicone, Talk to the tree on Brassica ruffle reel silane, palmitoleic tick acid, synthetic fluorine sample logos sulfite, calcium silicate with an aluminum beam, tin oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, black iron oxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, perfume
Raise the built-puff onto a metal plate by pressing once will knock toktok rideut the rub lightly.
More area or want a high cover, when makeup will fix pat after pumping the contents.


The sleek design looks stylish, oh well, everything in this collection appear so cool and chic.

The seal is still very much attached, mine is in shade 23, the darkest of them all and heehee, they only have two shade. 21 and 23. Like most Japanese products on the market that only sells two shade, fair and natural, VOV Runway Glow Metal CC embrace the same idea. If you want and sure have a very fair skin, do get shade 21, if you prefer a natural hue, no matter what is your skin tone, 23 is just right.


There it is, the clean metal, just press it and the creamy liquid will comes out. Look so wiggly and cute.


Remember that cleanliness pays off, always use clean fingers to push the metal on the areas with no holes, and then use the sponge to 'take' the product from the metal plate.


Took as much or as little as you want it too.

The product has a good coverage and even thou it has the title of CC cream as in color corrector, but it ample like a liquid foundation. It helps covers but the feeling is still somewhat light. I wouldn't say that it is completely light and airy, it's a bit creamy but not thick.


These are my before skin. Fresh, clean and use all the skincare. I didn't apply any primer or other base before applying the Runway Glow Metal CC.

The sponge works out well, it can be dab and swipe too, it's very easy to use. It's not as fluffy as I want it too, but suffice and usable. There are many applicator that comes with the cosmetic but remain unusable, this one is okay. I can happily use it.

The mirror is big and round, don't forget to peel off the mirror protector, hence you'll get confused how come it is so blurry.


The first effect that I saw that it even out my skin tone, hide minor imperfections like large pores, and I love the subtle gloss finish. It is the trend in Korea to create that lovely glow on someone skin as it is signs of health and made ones appear more attractive. Irresistible.

It's not overwhelming, however, those who still prefer matte finish, could simply add a matte loose powder afterwards.

Blending liquid makeup afterwards also easy, I'm using highlighter pen, contouring cream, creamy blush and other formula that is wet. And then, blend everything well.


It doesn't really gives me a natural look like wearing no makeup, but it does seems that I apply a good amount of makeup that made me looks good too.

Adding concealer, powder, and color makeup made the whole complexion completed. I dolled up.

The base made everything it put on top appear better and bolder than when none.


Here are the products I used on the image above, all of them are from the same collaboration collection. Worthy of collecting.

Thank you VOV and you for reading the post, stay tune as more of their babies coming on my blog.

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