Monday, August 1, 2016

Biotherm Aquasource Rich Cream for Dry Skin

Hello lovelies,

this is one of my utmost favorite brand for skincare, Biotherm. When they decided to leave Indonesia, I was among those who mourn. Yes, they are still available at the airport or I can simply get them when traveling abroad, but it wasn't the same anymore.

They have the best moisturizer.


Their basic range comes in 3 types, normal combination skin, oily and this one is for dry skin. I love their normal combination formula as they come in this gel like texture and smells so fragrant. The one for oily skin is the lightest as it contains the littlest of oil and mostly water with ingredients that help regulate sebum.

And mine, a rich cream for dry skin, comes in a pink colored creamy gel like texture, but a bit richer than the normal type. It has a different scent, more subtle, more delicate and softer too.

It has the ability to keep the skin moist up to 48 hours. Just reading at the details excites me.


You can easily google up about Biotherm or reading it on your own time. It has this wonderful philosophy about thermal water and how it benefit our skin.

The same method that has been used for centuries, many people love to soak into spring waters, spa or natural springs like how the Japanese embrace onsen. With the similar care and focus Biotherm is made using SPA water that contain thermal plankton on their products.


I've seen the effects of Biotherm on those who regularly use their products. Their skin shows a big difference in consistency, dewiness and plump. No matter how old they are, their skin appears moist and firm and yes, younger.

I've used Biotherm many times before and still couldn't find anything like it or equally the same. Each brand has their own 'magic ingredients' and I guess Biotherm fits me best.


I'm using Biotherm whenever possible (when I'm not in the midst of collaborating with other skincare brand), twice a day, day and night. I just need to use like a corn size every single time. Gently massage the cream on the skin and neck. I can use whatever serum I have before the moisturizer and any other eye care or products I have. It really doesn't matter. I often mixed by using another cleanser to clean my skin before, any toner, serum with whatever my skin's concern at the moment and the creams still works it's charm. Making my skin moist and feel so comfortable.

Makeup used afterwards also haven't find any glitch, in fact, the cream made liquid makeup applied afterwards glides on smoother than before. It has the ability to help blending better and the radiance of the skin is just superb.

Do I recommend the  product? For sure YES a million time.

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