Thursday, August 4, 2016

WNG Skin Benefits

Hello lovelies,

moms, mom to be, everyone with sensitive skin to those who are concerns about all the chemicals put inside our skincare, finally, a local brand that has been famous for their babies and kids item called Beauty Barn launched the adult collection.

Safe for pregnant mom, nursing moms and just about everyone.


You can easily read everything on their official web here:

It is not yet fully ready, but some of the details are there. And the three items sent to me by them are their cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and I'm pretty sure this is their sample sizes, not full size.

The cleanser is a cloudy gel that lathers easily and smells so good. Like mixed of lavender and other essential oils. The name of the product is All Clear Liquid Gel Balancing Face Cleanser (that's a long name), and it cleans without making the skin feels dry. Makeup lover may need to clean their makeup first with makeup remover and then use this foaming facial wash to rinse all the residue. It cleans daily debris just nice, perhaps since the main focus is for those who are pregnant or nursing or very sensitive skin that doesn't really use heavy makeup, so the product is made to be used as it is.

Skin lover will raves over their skincare for sure.

Next item is Lit Up Water, Refreshing Face Toner, it's clear and has a weird floral herb like scent and a bit sticky on my skin, suitable to be used with a serum and moisturizer afterwards since it's like magnet to anything that was put on top.

Which is, Replenish Full Hydrating Face Cream.


A soft cream formula that instantly moisturized the skin with a silky feeling left afterwards. Those who have dry and sensitive skin can immediately feel the calming effect and hydrated skin that last for a day. The scent is pretty much similar to the cleanser and toner, there's this fresh essential oils that kept on lingering. I have no worries since they all natural, that's the best part about WNG Skin Benefits, everything is au naturale.

Now, since the product is natural, all the scents are from natural ingredients too, the scent is rather strong since they use pure essential oils in high grade and good for the skin. My skin looks like it has that natural radiance thanks to the skincare. Definitely recommended for everyone, literally everyone, from pregnant moms, nursing moms, to those with sensitive skin due to chemical ingredients. 

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